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The Precedents George Washington Set As President

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The Precedents George Washington Set As PresidentGeorge Washington was a visionary whose presidency concentrated on fostering foreign policies that would help strengthen what was at the time the fledgling United States of America. He was born into a financially stable Virginia based planter family in 1782.

As the first president of the nation, he set the precedent of serving two terms of office starting on April 30, 1789 by taking his oath of office on the balcony of the Federal Hall in Wall Street, New York.

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The Precedents George Washington Set As President
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But in the mid 1900’s, that precedent came to an end.  He actively fought in the British -US war and could be considered to be one of the best strategists of his time as he would often retreat in battle, only to return to the battle front and emerge victorious at the end. Being a gentleman raised on a plantation, he brought an air of formality to the presidential office by establishing the basis for presidential protocol.

Washington recognized the need for advisers who were leaders in their respective fields in order to run the country.

Leading him to found the first Presidential Cabinet with Alexander Hamilton taking on the role of Secretary of Treasury. Thomas Jefferson was his Secretary of State and Henry Knox filled in the position of Secretary of War while John Adams acted as the Vice-President.He is best known for his involvement in foreign policy making and is most noted for his stand during the French-British War.

During this time, he was caught between the foreign policies being endorsed by the  British loving Alexander Hamilton and French advocate Thomas Jefferson. Washington however, insisted that the United States, in its infancy stages, remain neutral during the French-British War. His most notable legacy though must be the neutral stand of the United States between warring countries . During his Farewell Address, he reiterated his stand to have a United States that advocated a policy of neutrality and although often hard to follow in this era of terrorism, the country tries to adhere to as a foreign policy whenever applicable.

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