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Getting a Loan is the Cost of their Life Time 

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  • Pages 4
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    Author Adam Harris (2018), wrote “The lifelong Cost of Getting a For-Profit Education.” Serval student who gets into a loan cannot pay it back the payment that they took. Their life got stuck form working for their entire life to pay back the money. Author Adam Harris wrote people don’t seem to know about their mortgage. The interest of student mortgage can significantly over its life span.

    Author Adam wrote a lot of first-years student who got enrolled in for profitable collage are the results of advertisement. Some people who stay at home haven’t started going to college normally play or watch TV program. The commercials often play indicating to get out of your room to start your school in collage. According to the article, there are a story that is relating to the people up to the age of 50 years old. Americans are looking for a chance to catch a job, although no one is hiring them as a result of they don’t have the educational background. Adam wrote divorce parents are trying to adjustment their lives to get a greater education for their kids. People who are in collage applying for a student loan at any cost through message or by make a call. Adam discuss a lot of the undergraduate could not afford college fees which makes them consider student loan. To be a benefited in life to get into the right roadway

    Adam wrote the students who get a student loans make a clear consequence decision, but they don’t see that is a big deal because of their inexperience. According to the article, it claims for pro-profit students who enroll in college leave with a pile of debt. The article further state, when for- profit denies divorce parents or black people it was a good thing, so they are not increasing their debts. Since Profit cost a lot it makes the student borrow more money. Even low-income the student who apply for Pell Grant are sometimes motivated to take out more loans than they need. For example, the rest of the money is for school supplies, equipment or other needs.

    Adam stated there is a federal limit on how many times the student can get Pell Grant and how many time they can get a loan. The federal government would not give the students a Pell Grant when they reached their limit. So the student will have to pay their college fees out of pocket or borrow the money form relatives. A bachelor’s degree in college, the student has more debts before the student graduate from college. Author Adam wrote one of the examples, Tressie McMillan Cotton was a sociologist and she say the student who graduated with high debt, the money they are making is not enough to pay it off. According to the article, some of the students get into college, but they don’t finish their major and now they don’t have a degree and have a hard time paying it off because inexperience. Most of the student lose interest in attending class, but they are more focus on paying off the debt. The school principle gives a word that, if they went back to college they will get a better life when they profit was offering, but the student that who went back to college only leave them with a lot of debt burden.

    According to the article, after they mess up, they don’t know what to do and a lot of the student receive the report about the meeting income repayment saying they still must pay it back. Or even when they have low interest. The article says, if they get a lot of phone call form Loan Company, and their school directory saying it was okay not paying off now, they must pay off the rest of their life. Author Adam wrote that the people who let them get a loan was getting impatient for waiting for the student to pay off the debts. Sometime the loan service often holds back a tone of the paper and tireless. One of the companies says that “according to the report she has worked for 10 hours and everything that is overwhelming”. (pg. 3/7).

    In this conclusion the consequent of getting for- profit of knowledge to pay off their debts. A lot of collage people can’t not pay off the money they took form Loan Company. Their whole life doesn’t get to go anywhere beside work. A lot of college student quits school and start work 10 time harder to pay off their debts. The student might take a little loan, but they must pay it back with their entire life.

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