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Global Business Essays

If I was a consultant for developers of the Spiderman computer game and I needed to inform the CEO where the overseas markets are for this game, I would do a series of screenings and analysis’ before hand. These screenings and analyses would be based off of geographical statistics and sales trends. First, I would select a market in which the company is targeting. Within this market, I would break down the market into segments and do a segment screening. I would conduct a market screening analysis and determine which environmental region would be best for the sales of this game.
I would do this because I would not want to waste money distributing the game in high poverty regions that majority of the population would not be capable to afford. For example, I would not suggest selling the game in Kenya, a country that has a poverty rate of 45. 9%, (http://data. worldbank. org/country/kenya) because I know the company would lose money distributing them there. On the contrary, I would be doing a country screening. The country screening would be used to determine which countries would provide the most profit.
For Example, China is one of the countries that I would recommend to advertise and release this game due to the countries’ $9. 7 billion revenue. (http://thenextweb. com/asia/2013/01/08/chinas-video-game-industry-brought-in-9-7-billion-in-2012-report/) Second, I would use both the market screening and country screening to determine the following: market indicators, market factors and estimations by analogy. By screening through foreign markets, I would be able to keep record of the market indicators for the game. This will benefit the company’s efficiency when determining the location of distribution.
Also while screening, I can acknowledge the market factors or specific regions of which computer games are in high demand. For example, if a neighboring country of a country with high computer game sales is in demand of computer games, then I would suggest to distribute in the country with high sales, then from that stand point, distribute domestically. If the market factors produce revenue, I can then make estimations by analogy; In other words, I would research similar markets to see if the computer game would also produce revenue.
If the estimation doesn’t meet the company’s expectation, then the company can exit the market. Third, I would analyze the sales data of similar or previous games sold by the company. Once I’ve collected the data, I would conduct a trend analysis to predict the future sales of the Spiderman game. In conclusion, if I was a consultant for developers of the Spiderman computer game and I needed to inform the CEO where the overseas markets are for this game, these particular screenings and analyses is how I would do so.

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