Globalization, Ecology and their Relationships with Society

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As globalization makes the world become smaller, it becomes increasingly easy to see how the lives of people everywhere especially on our OU’s campus synced up with one another. The truth is that every single thing we do every day has an impact on the planet—good or bad. The good news is that as an individual you have the power to control most of your choices and therefore, the impact you create: from where you live to what you buy, eat and use to light your dorm/apartment, to where and how you travel to classes. Today when something is broken, or worn out, it is thrown away.

Recycling conserves our natural resources, saves landfills space, conserves energy and reduces water pollution, air pollution and the green house gases emissions that cause global warming. Many may not understand the real benefits of recycling, four things are most important when it comes to recycling including Saving Energy, Reducing Pollution, Saving Natural Resources, and Saving Space. On our college campus, there is almost endless variety of programs, weather academic or administrative, that require information to be collected and stored on a regular basis.

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These can include admission or job application request and RSVP’S for training events, among others. While all these forms are being used, do people have in mind how many trees they are using and how they can give back to the environment and to the university by daily recycling. There are many ways of recycling and going green on campus. By the end of this paper you’re going to want to live green and recycle for the cost of the earth and you’re on campus environment.

Saving Energy is one of the major concerns here on Oakland University campus. After doing some intense research I came to find out that OU’s campus spends over six million dollar a year on heating, cooling, and electricity. Many times students take living on campus for granted and don’t realize how expensive things are, because they don’t have a direct electricity bill. So when you’re in your dorm and leave the television, the light, and your cell phone plugged in you wasting electricity which is causing harm to your campus.

One way of saving energy is to simple cut off your laptop, and when you’re not using your phone charger, television, toaster, microwave, and so forth just unplug the appliances and keep in mind it’s for your campus, earth, and not to mention your pockets; when it comes to tuition payments. Another way of saving energy is compact fluorescent light bulbs. They use about seventy five percent less energy than standard incandescent bulbs and last up to 10 times longer. I would recommend that Oakland University adopts saving energy through lighting every dorm, apartment, bathroom, and hallway with compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Reducing pollution is the second issue that needs to be addressed on OU’s campus. People go on their everyday daily routine without noticing the environment surround them. I must say Oakland University campus is very clean but there are some underground pollutants that you just don’t see walking to class. However, there are diffidently some changes that can be made by everyone to even better our OU’s community. In order for this school to reduce or eliminate the amount of pollutant and waste it generates, an attitude of “less is better” should be adopted.

All students, teachers, administrative staff, and janitors must ask themselves “Is there a different way to do this that generates less waste or uses safer materials? ” This is the part of recycling that is fun and for everyone to take apart in. First, dispose of all litter in trash cans so that the litter does not get washed into near-by storm sewers. Next, use recycle products on campus as much as possible, such as paper and other environment-friendly products. Water based paints, and non toxic floor and desk cleaner would be good idea to bring forward to the janitor.

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