Theory of Ecology-Cause of Crime

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The theory of Ecology is the leading explanation for crime causes. Ecological criminology, the pioneering social criminology, originated in the 1920s at the Department of Sociology at the University of Chicago. It centers on the connections between organisms and their environment and proposes that crime is impacted by neighborhood disorganization rather than only individual traits. Poverty, overcrowded households, and unsupervised teenagers are major factors in criminal behavior.

The likelihood of adolescents committing crimes increases as the population of a neighborhood grows. This is due to the greater number of opportunities for crimes and potential victims within a smaller area. Additionally, small neighborhoods promote higher levels of personal interactions. For instance, in low population neighborhoods such as wealthy suburbs, it takes more effort for a young child or adolescent to encounter another individual due to the distance between their destinations.

Children living in such areas experience increased challenges in socializing with peers who may have negative influences. In densely populated neighborhoods, it is typical for children with undesirable behaviors to reside alongside those with stronger moral values, making it challenging to avoid their influence. These communities are often impoverished and overcrowded, leading family members, especially teenagers, to create distance. As a result, teenagers tend to congregate outdoors in places like parks, alleys, and pool halls.

The rise in levels of temptation and opportunity to commit crimes is caused by these circumstances. The lack of quality of life in these areas is also a leading cause of crimes as individuals are deprived of their natural rights to a productive environment and positive influences. Various factors contribute to the commission of crimes. In my view, the Theory of Ecology best explains why crimes are committed. It is important to note that other theories may be more suitable for different types of crimes, but ultimately, it all traces back to the upbringing of individuals.

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