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Theory of Ecology-Cause of Crime

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  • Pages 2
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    The theory of Ecology, meaning disorganized neighborhoods, is the theory that best explains the causes of crime. Ecological criminology was the first social criminology. This developed during the 1920s at the Department of Sociology at the University of Chicago. Ecology is the study of relationships between an organism and the environment it lives in, and this type of theory explains crime by the disorganized eco areas where people live instead of the kind of people who live there. The major factors of crime are poverty, crowded homes, and unsupervised teens.

    The greater the number of people in a neighborhood, the more likely adolescence will commit crimes. There are more opportunities for crimes to take place and more possible victims in a small area. There is also the proposed idea that there is a higher level of personal interactions in small neighborhoods. An example is kids in low population neighborhoods like wealthy suburbs where some effort is required for a smaller child or adolescent to see another because of the distance between the destinations.

    Kids in this type of area are more easily limited with their contact with other undesirable children. In over populated neighborhoods, the undesirable kids live in the same building as the more moral ones, and are nearly unavoidable. Neighborhoods can be dense and poor, homes can be crowded. There are reports that crowded homes cause family members, most often teens, to stay away. When this happens, teens go outside and group up places such as parks, alleys, pool halls etc.

    These circumstances cause levels of temptation and opportunity to commit crimes to rise. The lack of the quality of life in these areas is also a leading cause of crimes; people are lacking their natural rights to a productive environment and positive influences. There are many factors that lead crimes to be committed. My opinion is that the Theory of Ecology is the theory that best describes why crimes are committed. Of course other theories can fit different types of crimes better, but it all goes back to how individuals are raised and how they are raised.

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