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Goood chemistry lab Essay

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How many molecules are present in 27. 0 g of distilled water? A. 2. 7 x 1024 B. 1. 5 C. 9. 0 x 1023 D. 4. 5 2. How many moles of carbon dioxide will be formed when 32. 0 g of methane, CH4, burns completely in oxygen? A. 1. 0 B. 2. 0 c. 4. 0 D. 8. 0 3. How many oxygen atoms are present In 0. 5 mole of pentahydrated copper(ll) sulfate, CUS04. 5H20? A. 25 B. 45 C. 3. 0 x 1023 D. 2. 7 x 1024 4. What is the total number of atoms in 3. 0 molecules of propanone, CH3COCH3? A. B. 30 C. 1. 8 x 1024 D. 1. 8 x 1025 5. Which contains the same number of ions as the value of Avogadro’s constant?

A. 0. 5 mol KBr B. 0. 5 mol caar2 c. 1. 0 mol cao D. 1. 0 mol K20 6. Which molecular formulas are possible for a compound which has an empirical formula of C2H40? l. CH3CH20H II. CH3CH2CH2COOH Ill. CH3CH2COOCH3 A. I and II only B. I and Ill only C. II and Ill only D. l, II and Ill 7. Which compound has the empirical formula with the largest mass? A.

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CH4 B. C2H4 C. C2H6 D. C6H6 ton when 4. 8 g of magnesium reacts with oxygen? A. 4. 8 B. 8. 0 c. 11. 2 D. 12. 8 9. Which is a correct statement about the molecular formula of a compound? A. It shows which functional groups are present in the molecule. B.

It shows how all the atoms are bonded in a molecule. C. It is the simplest ratio of the atoms of different elements in the molecule. D. It is an integral multiple of the empirical formula. 10. 98 g of a pure hydrocarbon contains 84 g of carbon. Which statements are correct? l. The compound has an empirical formula of CH2. II. The compound has a molecular formula of C7H14. Ill. Not enough information has been given to deduce the molecular formula. A. I and II only 1 1 . 32 gof a metal, M, reacts with 8 g of oxygen to form an oxide. The formula of the oxide is MO. What is the atomic mass of M in g mol-l?

A. 16 B. 32 c. 64 D. 128 12. What is the maximum mass of iron, in tonnes, that can be obtained when 40 tonnes of iron(lll) oxide, Fe203 (Mr = 160) are reduced in a blast furnace according to the equation below? Fe203 + 3CO -+ 2Fe + 3C02 A. 14 B. 28 c. 56 D. 80 13. When the equation for the combustion of 1 mole of propane is balanced what is the coefficient for oxygen, 02(g)? C3H8(g) + _ -+ _ H20(l) c. 10 D. 14 14. What is the maximum amount of methanol, in mol, that could be formed when 4 mol of carbon dioxide and 6 mol of hydrogen gas are placed in a container and react according to the equation below?

C02(g) + 3H2(g) -+ CH30H(l) + H20(l) 15. When the equation for the complete combustion of two mol of propyne, C3H4, is balanced what is the sum of all the coefficients? 2C3H4(g) + _ -+ _ H20(l) B. 18 c. 20 D. 22 16. 1 mol of any gas occupies 24 dm3 at room temperature and pressure. When 32 g of methane burn completely in oxygen at room temperature and pressure what volume of carbon dioxide, in dm3, will be formed? B. 24 c. 32 D. 48 17. What volume of ammonia, in dm3, can be made from 30 dm3 of nitrogen and 60 dm3 of hydrogen?

Assume that all volumes are measured at the same temperature nd pressure and that the reaction goes to completion according to the equation: N2(g) + 3H2(g) -+ 2NH3(g) A. 40 B. 60 c. 90 D. 180 18. Ethane burns in oxygen according to the equation below. What volume of oxygen, in dm3, reacts with 0. 8 dm3 of ethane? 2C2H6(g) + 702(g) -+ 4C02(g) + 6H20(l) A. 0. 8 B. 1. 6 c. 2. 8 D. 5. 6 19. Which solution contains the most amount of sodium hydroxide? A. 10. 0 cm3 of 0. 700 mol dm-3 NaOH B. 20. 0 crn3 of 0. 600 mol dm-3 NaOH C. 30. 0 crn3 of 0. 500 mol dm-3 NaOH D. 40. 0 crn3 of 0. 400 mol dm-3 NaOH 20.

Which is a correct statement about solutions? A. When cholesterol dissolves in fat, cholesterol is the solute and fat is the solvent. B. The concentration of a solution is the amount of solvent dissolved in 1 dm3 of solution. C. A 1. 00 mol dm-3 solution of sodium hydroxide contains 4 g of sodium hydroxide in 1 dm3 of water. D. In a solution of sodium chloride in water, sodium chloride is the solvent and water is the solute. 21 . What amount of atoms, in mol, is present in 128 g of sulfur dioxide. A. 1. 20 x 1024 B. 3. 60 x 1024 22. Which is the correct expression for converting the mass of a substance in grams to the amount in moles?

A. mass/molar mass B. l/molar mass C. mass x molar mass D. molar mass/mass 23. Which sample of fluorine gas, F2, contains the greatest number of fluorine molecules? A. 1. 9x 1023 F2 molecules c. 1. 9#2 B. 1. 9 dm3 of F2 at 273 K and 1. 01 x 105 pa pressure D. 1. 9 mol F2 24. What is the total number of ions present in the formula Na2S04? A. 2 25. Which sample contains the least number of atoms? A. 2 mol of NaCl B. 2 mol of NH3 C. 1 mol of CH3COOH D. 1 mol of H20 26. Which has the same value as Avogadrds constant? A. Number of electrons in 1 mol of hydrogen gas B. Number of ions in 1 mol of molten sodium chloride C.

Number of atoms in 1 mole of helium gas D. Number of protons in 1 mol of argon gas 27. A compound has a molar mass of approximately 56 g mol-l . Which compound might this be? A. AIP B. AgoH C. F20 D. Mgs 28. Which statement defines molecular formula? A. The number of atoms present in one molecule of a compound B. The number of elements present in one molecule of a compound C. The number of atoms of each element in one molecule of a compound D. The simplest ratio of the numbers of atoms of each element in a molecule of a compound 29. Which sample has the greatest mass? A. 1 mole of Na2S B. 3. 0 x 1024 molecules of 02

C. 8. 8x 101 gofNaCl D. 1. 2 x 1024 atoms of K 30. What would be the empirical formula of a hypothetical compound that contains 60% by mass of element A (Ar = 10 ) and 40% by mass of element B (Ar = 20)? A. A3B2 B. AB3 D. A3B 31 . A compound has a relative molecular mass of 74. Which are possible formulas for the compound? l. CH3CH2CH2CH20H Ill. (CH3)3COH 32. What is the sum of all the coefficients when the equation for this reaction is balanced? + _ H20(l)”?» _ H2(g) A. 2. 5 B. 3. 5 33. Propanone burns in oxygen according to the following unbalanced equation: CH3COCH3(l) + _ 02(g) -+ _ C02(g) + _ H20(l)

What will be the coefficient for oxygen when when the equation is balanced using the smallest possible integers (whole numbers)? 34. When calcium carbonate is heated it decomposes according to the equation: cac03(s) -+ cao(s) + C02(g) When 60 g of calcium carbonate is heated, 16. 8 g of calcium oxide are formed.

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