Online Billing System Against Manual Booking

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The Online Billing and Reservation System was developed to replace manual reservation and billing systems in hotels and resorts. The system offers functions to check available rooms, function rooms, and amenities, view and cancel reservations, and make online payments through credit cards. The V-Model methodology was used in its development. Some hotels and resorts still use manual systems for reservations and billing, which can be inefficient and time-consuming. Foreign hotels like Bacara Resort and Spa and Aston Hotels and Resorts have developed their own online reservation and billing systems, which offer registration, online modification and cancellation of reservations, virtual tours, and secure SSL encryption for client data. The use of such systems can lead to more efficient and secure transactions for both the hotel and its guests.

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The Online Billing and Reservation System of Hotel Dominique was developed for the replacement of the manual system of Hotel Dominique. In reservation, the system contains the checking of available rooms, function rooms and amenities. Viewing of the assessment of reservations and cancellation of reservations are also provided in it. In billing, the system offers online payment thru the use of credit cards. The proponents of this study used V-Model as their methodology. (GONZ, 2009)

Sierra Madre and Spring Valley uses a manual system for their reservations. Their reservation is done mostly through calls. Their computation of bills is also done manually. The database of the costumer’s records and other files needed are not included in their system. From the specified problem, the system that was created is online reservation and billing system. It monitors the files and records of the costumers via database. Clients with user account can reserve hotel rooms and other amenities and payments for their reservation are also done via internet. IGNA, 2009)

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The reservation system of Villa Felicidad Resort is done manually. The management encounters inefficiency in their transactions and operations particularly in scheduling of reservation, security of data or misplaced due to disorganized filling. It is also time consuming for the computation of bills. The resort is having a hard time with these entire stated problems. The goal of this study is to eliminate the difficulties of Villa Felicidad Resort and have a more efficient reservation process. GALLA, 2009)

Foreign Literature Online Billing and Reservation System of Bacara Resort and Spa Bacara Resort and spa has a website that is truly captivating with its design, interfaces, simplicity, easy-to-browse and 24-hour website, the clients will be captivated. The online reservation system of Bacara encompasses registration for a clients’ account, calendar to verify the availability of the rooms, instant confirmation online and modification or cancellation of reservation at any time.

They have also virtual tour that takes the costumers and clients around the whole resort. (BACA, 2012) Online Billing and Reservation System of Aston Hotels and Resorts The Aston Hotels and Resorts’ website have a reservation and billing system. It also includes all their information from the hotel and resort’s history to the type of accommodations the clients may use. In terms of reservation, the system has a calendar that can be viewed to verify the available dates of the selected destination resort.

While having reservation, the clients can see the prices of all facilities. They can choose from any accommodation easily that corresponds to their budget. The clients may also choose their desired payment via credit card. The total amount of their billing is also stated there. The system also has a user accounts for their clients. (ASTO, 2012)

It also includes the reservation system where clients can fill-out an application form, reserve their desired slot, or cancel their previous reservation. Clients can also view the availability of the rooms for reservation together with the estimated fees that the clients have to pay. The system also ensures the security of the transactions made by their clients. In their terms and conditions, all the data given by their clients are encrypted by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. They will not share the clients’ data to any other party.

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