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Thompson Government regulation of the Internet is a hotly debated issue, there are lots of profs and con’s to the subject. Lets take a look at three of the biggest reasons the Internet should be regulated. One of the biggest reasons that I feel the Internet should be regulated is to protect women and children from sex trafficking and pornography. If we cannot protect the children and women from sexual trafficking and pornography on the Internet then we are falling In one of the biggest challenges out there.

Protecting children from the evils of pornography and sexual exploitation would always be one of the most important things that we can do when deciding to regulate the Internet. Child pornography Is a huge business that does no good for anyone but criminals. In order to protect children from sex crimes we need to be able to trace and track down the suppliers of child porn. If we had regulation of the Internet this would be easier to do and we might be able to put a huge dent in the trafficking of child porn and also the sexual trafficking of women.

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If we could track the people who are putting forth the child porn then we could arrest them, seize the bank accounts and with the none seized we could help the children who are victims get the proper treatment needed to make sure they can lead a normal life. The need for regulation of online gambling Is becoming more of an Issue since there Is limited regulation of the online gaming Industry.

Some of the problems that can arise from online gaming come from the fact that most of the sites that run the online gaming is done by companies in other countries and there is little or no regulation In the other countries to protect the people of the United States. The problem with Internet gambling sites Is that they may not be able to verify the player r their age. (Jones, N. 201 3) This allows children to gamble on the Internet when it is clearly illegal.

The problem with children gambling on the Internet is that they may get their parents credit card and run up charges that the parents are not aware of and this could lead too huge financial burden on the parents. Regulating the Internet gaming industry would not really be that hard. We should look at the examples of other county’s and take cues from them. Look at Italy; all players must use their national ID number before they can place a bet. (Jones, N. 01 3) Doing this keeps children from gambling online and also allows for some tracking of who Is playing.

This Information could possibly be used In a court case If the need arises. An example that could be used for a court case would be that if someone had their wallet stolen and they thief used the card from the stolen wallet it would be possible for the victim to dispute the charges and make the thief pay for the money spent on gambling. Piracy of music and movies is another reason that the Internet should be regulated. It may not seam like a big deal to illegally download one or two songs or

I OFF they get from their music or the revenue generated from a movie, but you are also hurting countless other people as well. These people include songwriters, audio engineers, computer technicians, talent scouts, producers, publishers and countless others. (ARIA. Com) The annual harm from online piracy comes down to lost revenue of $12. 5 billion dollars in losses to the U. S. Economy as well as more than 70,000 lost jobs and $2 billion in lost wages. (ARIA. Com) Piracy of music and movies takes up roughly 24 percent of the global bandwidth.

Regulation of the Internet could help low this problem down and get the hard working people who work on these projects the money they worked so hard for. I know a lot of people will say that the music artists have enough money what dose it hurt if I only take one song? It is still stealing and those people do work hard on their craft to share with all people. Stealing form them Just because they are rich is not a good enough reason. Remember it is still stealing and that is wrong all around; do not Justify it by saying that they get lots of money from other people.

Regulation of the Internet especially the music and movie industry and finding better ways to track he major players in pirating could put an end to this. I know that there are a lot of people who would say that regulation of the Internet Mould be an infringement of our rights but you need to take into consideration who and what is being hurt by allowing these crimes to continue. I can understand the reasons people put forth but they need to think of all the innocent people who are hurt daily because of the lack of regulation.

Also think, if there had been regulation of the Internet we may have been able to stop the terrorist attacks on the United States. In order to protect our country we need to be able to use what ever means necessary to catch the people who wish to do us harm, Just because we do not believe the same as they do. If we would have been able to monitor email and other forms of Internet chat we may have been able to stop the attacks and save thousands of lives. I know a lot of people would call this an invasion of privacy but you have to think about the possible lives that could be saved by the monitoring of the Internet.

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