GPIC Mission Value And Business Commerce

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The Gulf Petrochemicals Industries Company ( GPIC ) was incorporated in December 1979. The company at nowadays has 474 employees. The company is placed in Sitra, in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The company is owned by three states as Kingdom of Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and State of Kuwait.

GPIC of the Gulf Petrochemicals Industries Company deals in natural gas geographic expedition and production and along with doing fertilisers. The cardinal concern merchandises of the company include the followerss: Natural gas. Petroleum. Ammonia. Urea. Methanol.

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The entire production of fertilisers is 1.4 million tones in a twelvemonth, while the oil and natural gas is largely exported by the company and merely 5 % is sold in the domestic market, which earns about US $ 100 million yearly. The executive sum-up of the company consists of the board of managers consists of the adviser to the Prime curate of Industrial and Oil personal businesss of Bahrain Mr. HE Shaikh. The direction of the company includes the followerss.

The intent of the company is to keep quality at work. Due to this ground the company has conformity with the undermentioned quality criterions. The direction of the company is accredited by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 and ISO 27001.

The vision of the company is to do a its merchandises and company trade name becomes globally accepted as a quality trade name. The mission of the company is to bring forth high quality oil, gas and fertilisers merchandises by concentrating on client demands. Thereby, doing the merchandises, more safe to utilize, cost effectual and environment safe. Due to this ground the company has besides made bird sanctuary, deep-rooted thenar trees around the premises with a herbal garden. Not merely that the merchandises made are checkered safe to pass through and utilize later on that besides should impact the environment.

Motive, findings and method used:

The company goals starts with designation and specification of the mission, vision, scheme and processes through the system is made. This manner the company is able to do its public presentation direction through alteration in behaviour and action. Therefore by alining all the concern units, squad and persons with a definite scheme the company is able to make the concluding result and that is the consequences as per required by the company ends and client satisfaction.

Purpose of the GPIC includes coaction and growing in its field of concern that is crude oil and related industries. The company aims at maximising its part to the national income of Bahrain by gaining more foreign currency and conveying full employment to its ain state citizens.

Mission of the company is to make value for money for its clients in the domestic and international market by bettering its present operation and quality of incorporate oil and gas concern. Vision of the company is to accomplish excellence in its field and force back its rivals. Valuess of the company include the invention, unity, teamwork, regard and personal answerability to its clients and the land of Bahrain.

Therefore to accomplish the above mentioned purpose, mission, vision and values the company follows the undermentioned stairss:

  • Evaluation of the scheme.
  • Appraisal of the scheme.
  • Strategy preparation.
  • Aims elucidations.
  • Create strategic map.
  • Perform public presentation assessment.
  • Taking public presentation steps.
  • Taking enterprises.
  • Automation is achieved.
  • Cascade.

Exploration and development of rough oil:

The oil geographic expedition procedure is go oning at face gait in the company. That is new countries of oil and gas militias are monitored and it is calculated that if the militias is good plenty for geographic expedition that is if the end product will transcend the cost that might be input on it. Therefore there is a uninterrupted hunt of oil Fieldss that can assist the company to increase its end product and gross revenues.

The motivation of this article is to do a SWOT analysis of the GPIC. This manner we can happen out the strengths of the company. That is the country of production where the company has achieved specialisation doing it cost effectual and speedy production. Furthermore the failing of the company will be monitored as to at which points or factors of production that are non lending in the development and advancement programs of the company.

The external environment consisting of the chances to the company from the international markets and possible menaces are besides figured. Thus the chances like set uping concern in new states ; increasing merchandise scope in the current concern runing states etc is assessd. Along with that the foreign competition, foreign currency exchange, alteration of rate of oil, gas, fertilisers around the universe due to switch in demand is all scanned.

The result is that the company demand to follow some recommendations discussed at a lower place so as to better its working conditions and get the better of its drawbacks.

SWOT analysis: Making a SWOT analysis is another method of analysing the present concern environment. The initials of the SWOT analysis are really the footings used to place the present place of the concern.

Strength: The strength of the company from interior in the signifier of cheaper production procedure, best gross revenues squad, low natural stuff purchase, low input costs etc.

Failing: The Weakness of the company from interior in the signifier of the same things that can turn out strength earlier like higher production procedure costs, higher cost input etc Thus failing becomes the cause of loss for the company.

Opportunities: The chances are available to the company from the exterior. That is good trade name image in the market, non handiness of replacement merchandises in the market, competitory and lower rates than other merchandises of same sort available in the market.

Menaces: Menaces besides come from outside the company. The same manner which proved chance earlier may turn out loss incurring for the company as bad trade name image, available of replacement merchandises in the market, extremely priced merchandises of the company, and competitory merchandises of high quality available at lower costs.

SWOT analysis of GPIC: SWOT analysis initials states the characteristics of this analysis. That is the Strength and Weakness of the company in the internal environment of the company. While the chances and the menaces from the outer environment. This can be explained as follows.

Strength: The strength of the company includes its conformity with the quality criterions that are maintained by the direction for the production procedure. This includes the followerss:

  • Health and Safety steps followed in the work topographic point.
  • Workers are provided with the just wage and that excessively on clip.
  • Excess wage is given for overtime.
  • The machinery used of latest engineering and are diagnosed at equal intervals for its safe and proper on the job conditions.


  • The failing of GPIC includes assorted internal issues. These includes the followerss.
  • The company has a labour job and issues that needs to be settled down every bit shortly as possible.
  • The end product of the company is non as per the full capacity of the machinery.
  • The excess fringe benefits are turn outing as fiscal load on the company balance sheet.
  • The choice process and ulterior publicities of the out performing artists is non just plenty to pull new endowment to the company.

Opportunities: The chances are the possible opportunities of the company to acquire more concern or net incomes due to alterations in the external environment. Thus the chances to the company includes the followerss:

  • Demand for oil, natural gas and fertiliser increasing around the Earth.
  • New states coming in contact with GPIC for concern trades.
  • Other merchandises of the companies are besides deriving demand.
  • The company trade name is doing its image of quality trade name around the universe.

Menaces: The menaces of the company include the things which are non in control of the company and organize the external environment of the company. These include the followerss:

  • The company major exports are with USA and China. Thus any tenseness between the both will straight impact the 56 % per centum export of the GPIC. ( Shown in figure below. )
  • The toppling universe currencies and demands due to depression are impacting the concern of the company.
  • The debts of the company are lifting in states like Pakistan, Thailand and Indonesia.
  • The misinterpretations between United States and Arab states are non assisting the concern of the company to spread out with the United States and its Alliess.

GPIC and SWOT analysis: The SWOT analysis of GPIC includes all the strength, failings, Opportunities and menaces menace the company faces from internal and external environment both. It can be as follows.


  • Customer Relations of the company.
  • Well trained employees and staff members.
  • Employee & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s trueness towards GPIC.


  • Limited engineering available with GPIC.
  • Manual monitoring of gas armored combat vehicles.
  • Differences between the employees.


  • Addition in Oil demand around the universe.
  • Easy to export from the nearest terminuss to every corner of the universe.
  • Loyal clients due to trades for long period.


  • New companies coming in being from other parts of the universe.
  • The monetary values of rough oil lifting of all time since.
  • Emerging latest engineering on other portion of the universe.

Recommendations: The recommendations after the close analysis of the company profile and concern includes the followerss:

  1. The demand for oil and gas is lifting in the Asiatic states. Thus the company can spread out its operation in other Asiatic states like Cambodia, Thailand, and Malaysia.
  2. The fertilisers are available in high rates and used in high measure in India, therefore the company can present its merchandises in these states other than oil and gas.
  3. The major export of the company is done to USA and China. Thus the company still has a batch many states in Europe, Asia and South America which can offer good concern to the company.
  4. The company needs to better its choice and publicity method as this is increasing discontentedness among the employees.
  5. The end product capacity of the company can be increased by manifolds if the production is made up to full capacity.
  6. Excess outgos like fringe benefits are needed to be cut down.
  7. The concern dealingss of the company demand to be expanded to other states.
  8. The authorities should keep good ties with the planetary states so that the company concern can turn and thrive.

Decisions: In the nutshell, we can state that the GPIC is really good working with the quality criterions and by the proper operation and merchandising of its merchandises is assisting the state earn US $ 100 1000000s on one-year footing. Furthermore the company needs to spread out its country of operation and rectify down its internal jobs that may turn out futile in close hereafter.

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