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Green street hooligans

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Green Street Hooligans
Matt Buckner gets thrown out of Harvard University, because they find some cocaine in his jacket. He moves to London to live with his sister Shannon, her husband Steve Dunham and their son, Ben. Matt meets Steve’s brother Pete, before he has even been in London for a day.

The football hooligan Pete, who is the leader of GSE (Green Street Elite), takes Matt to a football match between Birmingham and West Ham. All the guys from the firm, including Pete and Matt, get involved in a fight against the Birmingham fans.

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Green street hooligans
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Matt gets into all this kind of violence, just after this. He learns to fight, to stand by his friends no matter what happens and gets more confidence. It all ends up in a big fight, between GSE and The Millwall firm. Pete dies during this fight, which makes Matt realize, that all this hooliganism isn’t good for anything at all, and that’s why he decides to go back to Harvard University.


Friendship has a different meaning according to who you ask, but it’s something you can’t live without. There can be a friendship between classmates, teachers, children, grown-ups, and even between a human and an animal. All friendships are different, and you don’t even have to be completely identical or even similar to be friends; all you need is trust, believing and love. But Matt didn’t have any friends to talk to, when he came to London; his dad wouldn’t answer when he called and his sister was out with her new boyfriend. He was alone in a new country, and the only one he could talk to was Pete – the completely opposite of himself. But they build up a friendship, even though they were different, and as George Washington once said “true friendship is a plant of slow growth, and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity before it is entitled to the appellation.” This quote means a lot to me, and in my opinion, that’s one of the most poetic quote’s that has ever been spoken. It perfectly shows and describes the friendship between Matt and Pete. Going through hard times together made them trust in one another, and that’s what a really strong friendship has to contain.

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