Grandma Goes Green: Margaret Lundberg, Writer of “Eating Green,” Turns to a Vegetarian Diet to Help the Environment

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Margaret Lundberg writer of “Eating Green” is a vegetarian herself. As a kid her female parent would ever feed her kids healthy repasts. For Lundberg it was easy to transition her diet into a vegetarian diet because she had grown up accustomed to that type of life style. As a grandma she began to recognize that non merely does she worry about her household members but that the benefits that contribute to being a vegan can surely be a immense aid on salvaging the planet we live on. There are many effects that America may confront if they continue to eat the manner they eat, is what Lundberg is seeking to reason. The intent of her statement is to acquire others to see a vegetarian diet in their life to potentially extinguish jobs that arise from their meat consumption. Her statement was weak due to non holding a strong support to her grounds, losing that assurance by inquiring rhetorical inquiries, and non taking advantage of her resources.

A ground why her statement was non that effectual was because alternatively of doing her statement strong she weakened it by inquiring rhetorical inquiries. Those inquiries in which she did non hold the replies to it. Or allow entirely her replies to it weren’t good supported. Once the rhetorical inquiry have been asked the reader should non hold to halt and seek to believe of the right reply to her inquiry. They can besides jump the inquiry and non believe much about it, that’s when her statement became weak because some parts were losing which could hold helped her. There are sometimes when the writer can acquire off with this, but the manner Lundberg structured her essay it was a down side to it. Her assurance was lowered due to the fact that the full reply to her inquiries were non present. It is difficult for the reader to be influenced by this because if her statement lacks assurance, the reader will acquire an apprehension that this issue may non be serious as she wants it to look.

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In her essay she stereotypes America by the nutrients a great bulk eat which are Burgers and she has a point, America’s civilization contains these type of nutrients. The Burgers contain meat, and meat is produced by cattles which bring jobs to this planet. If people keep mistreating the recommended consumption of meat Lundberg claims that there are many jobs which can be avoided if people go vegan. As the population continues to turn the demand for nutrient additions and if people would be more cognizant of this issue there wouldn’t be any more drastic alterations. Aside from that she mentions on paragraph 3 about an experience she had in her life.

She had gone to Israel with a group of people and on their manner back place they were all hungering a beefburger even after they had eaten a good vegan dinner. This made her statement have a weak point excessively it because she’s seeking to act upon readers to travel vegetarian to salvage the planet but here she goes speaking about desiring a meat based nutrient. On her side she might hold done this because she believed that people will acquire cravings of desiring meat but have to give to salvage the planet. Although this should hold been left out because it may do confusion to the reader.

In her statement she had grounds such as statistics and scholarly people to back up the points she was doing. She mentioned Randall Huffman and used him as a resource to give information to the other side of her statement. Huffman stated that meat is an indispensable portion of our diet, unlike Lundberg who is seeking to reason that people need to travel vegetarian because it besides serves a benefit for our wellness. In a strong statement the reader is good cognizant of both sides of the topic and it’s noticeable that she did non acquire in much item about this. She stated a few things and so right off was done with speaking about the other side of her statement. It’s a good thing she wants to seek and acquire her message across but this statement was one sided and the reader should hold the apprehension of the other side, to be able to do better judgement.

Overall, Lundberg could hold supported her statement more instead than merely allowing the reader have the little option to see doing a alteration. The rhetorical inquiries lead her to miss assurance in her statement. She did non take the clip to inform the reader about the other side to her statement and made a hapless determination on including an experience she had about a craving she had for meat. As a reader this did non act upon me in any manner to alter my diet to a vegetarian 1. Yes, I am cognizant there can potentially be an issue but this statement did non convert me it was clip to alter, she made it seem like either manner if we change or non there are ever resources America has to increase the demand for nutrient.

Work CitiedLundberg, Margaret. “Eating Green.” The Bedford Reader.12th erectile dysfunction. Boston: X.J. Kennedy, 2014. 570-74. Print.

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