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Group Work Experience

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I love working in groups because they give you a chance to work together with new personalities and new, refreshing ideas. The only time I don’t like working in groups is when there are people who aren”t willing to put the effort they could and posses, into the work assigned.

I used to believe that I operated very well in groups, but during this year, I found out that I have a few faults that need correcting, and am in the process of re-evaluating my values and myself.

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Group Work Experience
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It seems that I tend to take control of projects and direct them to the direction of my desire. I did not think that I was so controlling until this was brought to my attention by one of my teachers, who said that I was a “strong personality, who knows what he wants, and gets irritated when it doesn”t go the way he pictures it”. Of course, this was hard to digest and I just denied it at first, but when I went home and thought about my ignorant actions, I realized that I was a very extroverted-introvert type person.

I also realized that I would like to be the backbone of the group and take in suggestions from all the members instead of always making my own. I plan to, from now on, listen to all contributions and encourage all members to speak their mind. To be the anchor, the link that holds the group together, is more important than getting my ideas in to an extend that it oppresses other ideas. At a time in my life where I am re-evaluating myself, it is hard to keep up my previous self-confidence, and therefore.

am still adjusting to being a follower at times as well.I think that the groups I worked in had trouble functioning because some members were not willing to work while others were forcing them to. Perhaps the ones that weren”t willing to contribute would have been more comfortable working with their own ideas. Perhaps they would have worked easily if they liked what they were working on and weren”t simply being forced to do dull and tedious tasks of no interest to them.

To gently coax such people into coming together and building on the strengths, complimenting the bonds of the group, is my focus at the moment whenever in a group.

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