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She set her tone early in the paper so the reader could get an emotional stance on her position. Most common to side with the “non- common core standard” group is the mothers and fathers Of children that are enrolled in many different schools. Whether it’s public or private, and religious or non-religious; each following one of the two choices they have. They can teach the Common Core Standards, or have a choice of what they believe each child will be able to keep up with.

Each and every child is different, none are exactly the same. In saying that there is no possible way that the common core is an effective and well established standard for schools to follow. What one child can grasp easily and quickly may take another child longer and need another method of learning and studying in order to be as well knowledgeable as the first student. Others believe that the Common Core Standards are needed for schools to teach ids what they will need to be successful in their future.

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They see each child as someone that can study and try harder if they are not caught up with the other children, for they are all alike in their learning ways and don’t need special care when learning complicated material. As I see it, when they see a child that struggles in school should try harder or else they will fail, and that’s the end of it. No help to the struggling student or help towards the student that they should want to succeed and thrive in their future. She starts her opinion with a real-life experience that many can relate to.

Whether its parents or grandparents they have tried their hardest to give their children what they thought was best. She tells us about how she has sent her 2 daughters through many schools, that have failed to provide her starters with the education she believed was right. They (the school) believed that every student was able to learn and act upon that learning in the same ways. She searched and searched through religious schools, private schools, and public schools; until she found one that believed in the power of the student.

They moved from the east coast to Colorado where her daughters were enrolled in a school that allowed the girls to escape the corrupted, dumber-down curriculum Of an overpriced private girls’ school. She uses some examples of mothers that have started home-schooling their hillier for the sole purpose to get away from the Common core standard, they believe that they will be able to teach their children better than any teacher or school can because they can teach at the pace of the child. Therefore, the children learn in a way that is better for them and will expand the knowledge that they gain throughout their school years.

She uses quotes from a mother that is also in her shoes to prove to people that this is a concern that has spread throughout our nation and is making parent take action to change the problem our children face every day Michelle states that We were blessed to find a community of parents and public school educators in Colorado Springs who embrace high standards, academic excellence and strong character education for students of every race, creed and class,” she uses words and examples that are easy to understand and comprehend to even the simplest of minds .

All in all Michelle used real-life situations that weren’t only easy to relate to, but also to show her point of view easily and clearly. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone were to respond to the message Michelle is sending to us. Teachers would base their lesson plans on each individual student, pushing for that student to thrive in their studies and achieve what they know they can do. To plan studies that would work best with the students learning abilities.

The school would look at the student as an individual, not as the whole student body as the same person. They would stray from thinking that no one is different from another on their learning abilities. Race, ethnicity and social status would not play a part in the education or outcome of each student’s achievements within the school. If no en pays attention to the message Michelle is sending to schools, teachers, and parents around our country; nothing will change.

The education of our children, grandchildren, and great great grandchildren will struggle to learn the material our government thinks they need to know, and learn how they think every student can learn. Our government controls many aspects of our live and environment, why let they control the way we learn and what we learn. They don’t know each individual personally, they have no knowledge on our learning abilities and the struggles we will face with learning certain trial throughout our school years.

Our educational departments in our nation will only decrease throughout the year if nothing is changed about our educational aspects in children’s lives. Michele did an excellent job on drawing the reader in with a personal story, kudos on the ethos. She wanted people to feel the pain her and her daughters felt throughout their years in school. Struggling with the materials because their teachers neglected to teach in a way that would be more suitable to their learning abilities, which would lead to higher test scores and higher colleges.

Her tone, believe, was perfectly out into this paper. Not to forward to the reader but was easily established in the paper so the reader could identify which side you were defending and the points you would be making throughout the paper. I think that her personal experiences, knowledge, and research are what made her opinion convincing. Knowing that she knew what she was talking about and could answer questions on this topic if need be was very reassuring that she knew her topic well enough to write an opinionated paper in a way to sway even the toughest cookie to her side.

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