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HBL usage KPIs or marks which they give yearly to employees as a standard to measure their employees and mensurate their employee public presentation by observation the achieved marks out of 100 % which is standard or a benchmark that is quality of work, squad work, end fulfilments, public presentation, client services, behavior with co-workers and supervisors/managers and growing.

HBL procedure of public presentation assessment system is they define their outlooks, and so they measure or evaluate and provide feedback and hence their public presentation recorded. They judge their employee on accomplishing the one-year marks which have provided them to accomplish, even director ‘s evaluate the public presentation of employee by behaviour of employees and promptness and how productive they are, how knowing employees are or are they fulfilling their employees by giving clip to them and the manner they dress up.

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HBL has assigned different weight ages out of 100, employee making more than 100 or accomplishing mark more than the benchmark that is an first-class occupation employee executing but if employee executing mean treatment takes topographic point between director and its subsidiary if employee becomes defensive, director could easy screen out through his managerial accomplishments.

HR is responsible for preparation of supervisors to better their assessment accomplishments.

HBL usage GRAPHICAL RATING SCALE METHOD or RANKING METHOD for measuring public presentation of an employee. HBL ‘s Graphic Rating Scale method appraisal signifier contains three sheets ; one is FORM B1, FORM B2, and FORM B3.


General information

the standards to measure its employees



Degree of achievement points.

Degree of achievement point contains five points evaluations

A ( 4 ) ,

B ( 3 ) ,

C ( 2 ) ,

D ( 0-1 )


Area/factors contains five sort of factors which are


Individual attributes


Customer Service



This signifier contains two large boxes.

First box is about Development Plan/ Supervisor remarks.

Second box is called overall appraisal box. Appraiser gives the overall public presentation class to measure in signifier of A, B, C, D.

Then remarks of appraise are besides taken in signifier of agree/disagree.

After it concluding credence of appraise is besides taken along with signatures.

HBL even use Ranking method to measure their employees. Ranking methods compare one employee to another, ensuing in an ordination of employees in relation to one another. Rankings frequently result in overall appraisals of employees, instead than in specific judgements about a figure of occupation constituents. Straight ranking requires an judge to order a group of employees from best to pip overall or from most effectual to least effectual in footings of a certain standard. Alternate ranking makes the same demand, but the superior procedure must be done in a specified mode ( for illustration, by first choosing the best employee in a group, so the worst, so the second-best, so the second-worst, etc. ) .

HBL besides use Forced Distribution Method which is a signifier of comparative rating in which an judge rates subordinates harmonizing to a specified distribution. Use of the forced distribution method is demonstrated by a director who is told that he or she must rate subsidiaries harmonizing to the undermentioned distribution: 10 per centum depression ; 20 per centum below norm ; 40 per centum norm ; 20 per centum above norm ; and 10 per centum high. In a group of 20 employees, two would hold to be placed in the low class, four in the below-average class, eight in the norm, four above norm, and two would be placed in the highest class. It reflects the normal curve, a little per centum of ratees are required to be placed in the extremes ( best and worst performing artists ) larger per centums of ratees are placed toward the center of the public presentation distribution. It is used for high executive degree – Vice president and above him in HBL.A separate bell curve is developed harmonizing to function/branch category/division and group as per bing pattern.

MBO ( Management By Objectives ) besides used by HBL in which aims are set to state the direction and employees what they have to accomplish within the organisation. This method is helpful as in it the public presentation of the employees is compared with the set ends and aims of the organisation. As the employees are besides involved in delegating the aims they are more like to execute good. HBL applies MBO procedure to increase organisational public presentation by alining ends and subsidiary aims throughout the organisation. MBO includes ongoing tracking and feedback in the procedure to make aims

Stairss of MBO:

STEP1: Review organisational aims

HBL ‘s aim is to do other client prosper and to make value for their stakeholders.

STEP2: Set worker aims

To gain net income for the organisation

STEP3: Monitor advancement

•Less ailments

•Timely service is provided

•Monthly gross and cost

STEP4: Evaluate public presentation

• Performance efficiency accomplishing his ends / marks.

•His public presentation is appraised with respect to the marks allocate to staff

STEP5: Give wagess


•Special salary addition

•Cash monetary value

Problems HBL goes through while doing public presentation assessment are the employee engagement, feedback-seeking and ill-defined ends and criterions, regency effects. Promotable or UN -promotable assessment interviews both conducted in HBL.


Performance direction is the procedure of identifying, measurement, managing, and developing the public presentation of the human resources in an organisation. Basically we are seeking to calculate out how good employees perform and so to finally better that public presentation degree. When used right, public presentation direction is a systematic analysis and measuring of worker public presentation ( including communicating of that appraisal to the person ) that we use to better public presentation over clip.

Performance direction at HBL is a frontward looking procedure for puting ends and on a regular basis look intoing advancement towards accomplishing those ends. At HBL it is a continual feedback procedure whereby the observed end products are measured and compared with the desired goals.Performance direction includes activities to guarantee that ends are systematically being met in an effectual and efficient mode. Performance direction at HBL is a system of measuring employees to assist them make sensible ends and therefore guarantee that the company performs better.In HBL ‘s public presentation direction theoretical account employees are given chances to work on harder undertakings, paired less-skilled employees with adept employees and employees can direct and do determinations. At HBL growing is non a map of clip but instead of public presentation.

Tools used by HBL for public presentation direction are:

Developmental end puting

Ongoing public presentation monitoring

Ongoing feedback

Coaching and support

Performance assessment

Wagess, acknowledgment, and compensation

At HBL if employee executing good he gets an increase of 10 % yearly. They monthly evaluate the public presentation which is effectual for the employees to work best. Directors and Supervisors keep on giving their constructive feedback to increase employee ‘s public presentation.

HBL public presentation direction system covers all employees under the map gross revenues, operational, finance, Hr, disposal.

Purpose of Performance Management System

To entree the public presentation

Footing for wages ( Increment Bonus )

Footing for publicity Placement

Ascertain preparation and development demands

The consequences of procedure measured by with the will assist in mensurating the public presentation, based on balanced step attack and to standardise format across the organisation, which is the superior method or graphical evaluation method, it depends on employee public presentation on norm, below norm, low or good.

HR public presentation Management System helps in increasing net income and Reducing Hr turnover.HR measured their satisfaction degree through issue interview which can be good, first-class or hapless. There is no engagement of stakeholders in guaranting public presentation direction system.

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