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Performance Appraisal means to measure employees present public presentation and harmonizing to the criterions given.At HBL public presentation assessment is formal interaction between supervisor/ Manager and employees in an organized manner. At HBL public presentation Appraisal conducted yearly for all the employees. Appraisal is conducted by line director and managers are appraised by CEO which farther appraised by the president of the bank. If we look towards the subdivisions of Bankss located in different countries, each subdivision director measure the public presentation of their employees of their peculiar subdivision by support on linking with line director which evaluate employees who conducted these public presentation rating. Line director forward to regional office where he sends to human resource section where all assessments are finalized and issued.

HBL use KPI ‘s or marks which they give yearly to employees as a standards such as concern consequences, clients and employees ) to measure their employees and mensurate their employee public presentation by observation the achieved marks out of 100 % which is standard or a benchmark that is quality of work, squad work, end fulfilments, public presentation, client services, behavior with co-workers and supervisors/managers and growing.

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HBL procedure of public presentation assessment system is they define their outlooks, and so they measure or evaluate and provide feedback and hence their public presentation recorded. They judge their employee on accomplishing the one-year marks which have provided them to accomplish, even director ‘s evaluate the public presentation of employee by behaviour of employees and promptness and how productive they are, how knowing employees are or are they fulfilling their employees by giving clip to them and the manner they dress up.

HBL has assigned different weight ages out of 100, employee making more than 100 or accomplishing mark more than the benchmark that is an first-class occupation employee executing but if employee executing mean treatment takes topographic point between director and its subsidiary if employee becomes defensive, director could easy screen out through his managerial accomplishments.

HR is responsible for preparation of supervisors to better their assessment accomplishments.

HBL usage GRAPHICAL RATING SCALE METHOD or RANKING METHOD for measuring public presentation of an employee. HBL ‘s Graphic Rating Scale method appraisal signifier contains three sheets ; one is FORM B1, FORM B2, and FORM B3.

Form B1: contains information about employees or the standards through which employee should measure.

Form B2: contains two points through which they evaluate public presentation, i.e. , FACTORS through which they determine if employee is productive or how the occupation is executing or the employee knows how to utilize engineering he is being assessed and to see how antiphonal is an employee towards clients and motivated or dedicated to work and even employees are appraised through the factor of their ain personality, i.e. , how punctual employee is, behaviour, personal hygiene. Even another standard is determined on the B2 Form is the degree of achievement s points being 4 the highest or 1 the least in signifier of rating A the highest which is 4 and D the lowest consider 1.

FORM B3: This signifier contains the supervisor remarks or measure the overall public presentation by given the scaling ( A, B, C, D ) and measure the remarks in the signifier of agree/disagree so after rating is finalized in signifier signatures take by supervisor who conducted and direct to the Hr section.

HBL even use Ranking method to measure their employees in which ranks employee from best to pip on the features and accomplishments. It is the most popular method, in which foremost, list all subsidiaries to be rated and in this method those names are non included which are good plenty to rank. In ranking signifier indicates the employee steps on highest and lowest, so, choose the following highest and the following lowest.

HBL besides use Forced Distribution Method is besides call bell curved. In this method you place given per centums of ratees into different public presentation classs. By forced distribution method as demonstrated by director for illustration that director must rate its employees under him harmonizing to following distribution: 10 % low, 20 % below norm, 40 % norm, 20 % above norm, 10 % high.. It reflects the normal curve, a little per centum of group is to be placed on ( best and worst performing artists ) larger per centums of ratees are placed toward the center of the public presentation distribution. It is used for high executive degree – Vice president and above him in HBL.A separate bell curve is developed harmonizing to function/branch category/division and group.

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MBO ( Management By Objectives ) besides used by HBL in which aims are told to the direction and employees what targets they have to accomplish. This method is easy to measure the public presentation of employees harmonizing to the ends and aims have been told to them and how much they achieved. HBL usage MBO to increase public presentation. MBO includes trailing and feedback in the procedure to make aims and besides for wage for public presentation.

Stairss of MBO:

STEP1: Review organisational aims

HBL ‘s aim is to do client satisfy and to make value for them.

STEP2: Set Aims

To gain net income for the organisation

STEP3: Monitor advancement

•Less ailments

•Timely service is provided

•Monthly gross and cost

STEP4: Evaluate public presentation

How expeditiously or efficaciously employee accomplish his ends and marks Then his/ her appraised with the ends allocated as benchmark to accomplish

STEP5: Give wagess


•Special salary addition

•Cash monetary value

Problems HBL goes through while doing public presentation assessment are the employee engagement, feedback-seeking and ill-defined ends and criterions, regency effects. Promotable or UN -promotable assessment interviews both conducted in HBL.


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Performance direction is the procedure to place, step, and develop the public presentation of the employees in an organisation. Basically we are seeking to calculate out how good employees perform and so to finally better that public presentation degree. When used right, public presentation direction is a systematic analysis and measuring of worker public presentation ( including communicating of that appraisal to the person ) that we use to better public presentation over clip.

Performance direction at HBL is a frontward looking procedure for puting ends and on a regular basis look intoing advancement towards accomplishing those ends. At HBL it is a continual feedback procedure whereby the observed end products are measured and compared with the coveted ends. Performance direction ensures that ends are systematically being met. Performance direction at HBL is to measure employees to make their ends and through which company performs better.In HBL ‘s public presentation direction theoretical account employees are given chances to work on harder undertakings, paired less-skilled employees with adept employees and employees can direct and do determinations. At HBL growing does non count but public presentation does.

Tools used by HBL for public presentation direction are:

Developmental end puting

Ongoing public presentation monitoring

Ongoing feedback

Coaching and support

Performance assessment

Wagess, acknowledgment, and compensation

At HBL if employee executing good he gets an increase of 10 % yearly. They monthly evaluate the public presentation which is effectual for the employees to work best. Directors and Supervisors keep on giving their constructive feedback to increase employee ‘s public presentation.

HBL public presentation direction system covers all employees under the map gross revenues, operational, finance, Hr, disposal.

Purpose of Performance Management System

To entree the public presentation

Footing for wages ( Increment Bonus )

Footing for publicity Placement

Ascertain preparation and development demands

The consequences of procedure measured by with the will assist in mensurating the public presentation, based on balanced step attack and to standardise format across the organisation, which is the superior method or graphical evaluation method, it depends on employee public presentation on norm, below norm, low or good.

HR public presentation Management System helps in increasing net income and Reducing Hr turnover.HR measured their satisfaction degree through issue interview which can be good, first-class or hapless. There is no engagement of stakeholders in guaranting public presentation direction system.


There are some defects in the assessment system of the bank. In appraisal signifier of the bank the supervisor enjoy great powers. No organic structure can look into his rating. The

Appraise and valuator does non sit before each other when supervisor evaluates the public presentation of the employees.

An employee does non hold the right to appeal against the supervisor on how he had been marked.



The appraisal signifier should be based harmonizing to the Relevance stuff, Reliability Acceptability.

The employees should hold right to appeal against the supervisor if he thinks that he is wrongly evaluated.

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