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Heartbeet Lifesharing – The Whole Human Being in Relation to Karma

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Heartbeet Lifesharing has been hosting anthroposophical youth conferences twice a year since October 2002. The gatherings always take place over Memorial Day weekend in May and Columbus Day weekend in October. On May 24, 2008, 50 people gathered from as far away as North Carolina, Texas and Ann Arbor for the twelfth Heartbeet Conference on the theme of “Facing Karma – In Life and in Rudolf Steiner’s Mystery Dramas”.

The following words by Rudolf Steiner were shared at the opening of this 12th gathering and speak to the mood that has flowed through the Heartbeet Conferences from the beginning:

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Heartbeet Lifesharing – The Whole Human Being in Relation to Karma
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    Maybe one thinks to be strong one should create a form.

But it is much
more relevant that a truthful relationship is established as a form. If one
loves, one goes to those one loves, not to an empty form. It may be wrong
even to look for a form. The point is that you come together, not because you
agree but because you love to be together.

This is the healthiest form.

The weekend included talks, artistic activities and presentations, conversation, and delicious food prepared by Heartbeet volunteers (including homemade raw milk cheese and wild leeks picked on Heartbeet land). On Saturday morning Sherry Wildfeuer spoke in a moving and beautiful way about Rudolf Steiner’s  life. She focused on his childhood, youth and the years leading up to the time when he founded the Anthroposophical Society. She shared how Rudolf Steiner experienced the world, how his thinking evolved and how he came to the content that later flowed into the world through his books, lectures, and initiatives as anthroposophy. Rachel Schwartz gave a talk that touched on the origins of karma and reincarnation, thoughts about the nature of suffering and joy, and included a brief overview of three of the seven-year life phases (21-28, 28-35 and 35-42). Hannah Schwartz spoke to the theme of sibling relationships and archetypes, based on the work of Karl Konig. Brigida Baldzun was unable to lead the eurythmy workshop as planned, so Stephen Usher and Sherry Wildfeuer lead everyone in a lovely exercise of the planetary gestures out in the field, moving from earth to Saturn and back again. In the afternoon, small group conversations gave people the chance to explore questions and themes arising from the talks. On Saturday evening Glen Williamson and Laurie Portocarrero brought to life scenes one, five and ten from the Soul’s Probation, Rudolf Steiner’s second Mystery Drama, including the story of the “Rock Spring Wonder”.

On Sunday morning conference participants filled Kaspar House living room for the Festival of Offering Service. Stephen Usher then led the group on a journey in thought from the point of death out through the planetary spheres and back down to earth again for a new incarnation. He also spoke to the scenes brought by Glen and Laurie the evening before, explaining the context and meaning in a way that was very helpful. Don Jamison led everyone in singing a joyful shape note song that made the space come alive; a plenum conversation followed. After lunch, everyone gathered under a clear sky and warm sun to bless the spot and break ground where Heartbeet plans to build its third house this summer. Some people then took a hike and some brave souls went swimming in the still freezing cold pond. The conference concluded with more singing and a final plenum conversation for reflections and looking ahead.

From the very first conference when 12 friends gathered with Steve and Beth Usher, the intention has been to provide a place where young people can meet each other, find inspiration and mentorship from older anthroposophists, and together bring anthroposophy alive. Themes have ranged from Community Building in the 21st Century, Christianity, Threefolding and now Karma and Reincarnation. The hope is to bring anthroposophy alive in a context that is warm, open and totally accepting, where people can take what is helpful, and connect to each other.

Crystal, a volunteer from Camphill Village Copake who attended wrote the following about her experience at the most recent conference:

“Coming from a Catholic background and hearing about reincarnation      and karma, is something quite confusing. I am fairly new to the anthroposophical   scene and thoroughly enjoyed this (my first) Heartbeet Conference. I am now able to grasp things in a lighter [and] more direct light, as most explanations I have been given are long winded and confusing. I have also begun to parallel Catholic teachings to thoughts of Steiner (i.e. Purgatory is just like Kama Loka), which has helped me understand Steiner a lot more! With this being said, I would like to thank Hearbeet for enlivening anthroposophy within myself, and I hope this starts a wonderful journey…!”

Located on a beautiful 150 acre organic/biodynamic farm in rural Hardwick, VT, Heartbeet is a lifesharing community that includes adults with disabilities, and was started by Hannah Schwartz and her husband Jonathan Gilbert in 2000. There are currently two homes, six permanent residents and a total of 20 community members. A third house is currently in the process of being built and a wonderful young family and three new residents are eager and ready to move in and help Heartbeet become a sustainable model for community in Vermont. Heartbeet is looking both for one-year volunteers and for longer term co-workers who wish to come and help build the community. There is currently a need for a gardener/farmer.

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