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This I Believe Essay

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Karma Strikes and Miracles Rescue I have many beliefs-? having fun, changing lives, laughing, or Just simply smiling to others. But those are all small beliefs that we all have. But my belief is stopped short when It comes to karma. It was a tremendous spring break; beautiful flowers I have never seen before blooming outside the side window of the church. Who would have known karma could strike on an amazing spring day. I was slating In the pews lost In thought that I didn’t even know that the preacher asked me a question.

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This I Believe
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I looked up to see what he wanted. When I didn’t answer he just turned and begins preaching about daily sins, and karma. When I look to my right, Angelina was trying to conceal her smile while mom was throwing spears at me with her eyes; knowing I was going to get a stupid lecture about paying attention after mass. What does she expect from a five year old? To listen? No way! Anyway, as I turned my attention back to the preacher he was still talking about the same thing, repeating karma over and over.

As soon as mass was over, McClellan and I walked to the side of the church where rocks, flowers, and sand laid. No one Is allowed there due to the rock sliding of huge rocks the size off cow. As we both climb over the fence, barking dogs approach the other end where we just climbed from. Angelina and I ran until we reached the ladder top to the balcony of the church side. I jumped onto the small balcony helping Angelina up. Thankfully we haven’t got caught or we would have gotten the spanking of our lives. We high fifed each other and decided to fool around.

We grabbed three huge rocks and chucked it at the pigs’ heads, which were sitting by the beach shore. We laughed stirring up trouble as usual. We stayed up there for about an hour playing truth or dare. It was now my turn to be dared. McClellan was great at making me do exotic dares and this one was beyond the word stupid. I had to put my body weight on top of the balcony railing which was frightening. The balcony was freaking two stories high in the aril smirked and I was scared out of my brain cells. Once my whole weight was completely onto the rail I tensed, making my body rigid.

When I thought I got the hang of it I started moving around, wiggling back and forth. A mistake was made and I fell back, taking the railing with me. Whoever said that falling felt like flying, lied. It felt like milliseconds once I hit my body to the one of the huge rocks below. I had a late reaction, and when I finally started crying I felt pain Jolting through my head and blood running down my temple. My body felt paralyzed. When mom came I felt relieved. They took me to the hospital and the weird thing is was that I should have gotten a concussion or at least a coma.

The doctor, who was a big believer in miracles from god; told me that god saved me giving me a miracle but I didn’t necessarily know what a miracle was so I shrugged. I thought my head was completely covered with scars but there were only two big scratches. Out of all my memories this one was crystal clear, and to this day I still learned my lesson and learned that god save me from that fall. God gave me a task to fulfill, a lesson to be learned; to know karma hits but miracles rescue, to keep in mind that karma can strike anytime and anywhere. I believe that god saved me from karma.

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