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Hero journey and a bugs life

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The ants are enslaved. The ants pick the food, the grasshoppers eat the food. While Flick is more intent on creating Inventions In order to make life around the colony easier, he is also clumsy and delays the others from collecting food for the grasshoppers. Dot loves all of Flicks inventions. Also, important to note, Flick is very Inventive, but his clumsiness, we see, nearly kills princess Dad, and causes all “The Offering” to spill Into the river. In these early minutes of the film, we also come to realize that Dot, the youngest Princess, waits in frustration for her wings to develop.

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Hero journey and a bugs life
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Flick uses the metaphor of the seed to show Dot that even though she’s a young seed at the moment, soon she’ll grow to be an enormous tree. To this Dot simply replies, “but it’s Just a rock. ” Her inability to tell the difference between literal and figurative meaning shows us Just how young she really Is.

This metaphor will become useful not only for Flick, but for the inure colony later on In the film. Call to Adventure (Inciting Incident) – When the mob of grasshoppers arrives, the food is gone. “What have you done,” says princess Dad to Flick.

Flick? s clumsiness has prevailed by putting the colony at risk. After the grasshoppers have laid out their new demands to double the order, Flick comes up with the Idea to seek help from “bigger bugs” to help free them of the grasshoppers enslavement forever. Refusal of Call – At first the colony of ants think getting help will only delay their work; however, on second thought, getting rid of Flick and his clumsiness will give them the time they need to collect the food without him fumbling it up. The colony agrees to allow Flick to leave them.

Flick Is elated and proud to represent his colony and leaves walking tall. Contrarily, the colony is also elated, but for different reasons; they’re happy to e him go and applaud him as he crosses the threshold. Meeting the Mentor Dot is really the mentor here. She loves Flick for all his inventiveness, support and most of all she really believes in him; perhaps she is the only one at this stage who does. She follows him through the threshold until he drifts off Ant Island, something she’s never seen anyone do before. It Is clear, Flick Is Dot’s hero.

After Flick walks through the arch way leading him to another world, two young ants suddenly appear. These are the threshold guardians, usually intended to be a final test before the departure. These ants inform Flick of what their father’s have talked about and what they’ve likely overheard. Flick will either die on the Journey or come back crying. Dot thinks otherwise. II. Descent (A) Road of Trials (Tests, Allies, Enemies) At the beginning of Act II, the challenges and tests seem to be more for the troop of actors, than for Flick. Flick must only find them. Unbeknownst to Flick, he finds not warriors, but circus bugs.

Once discovered they audition if only to avoid a severe beating by three rogue flies. In Flicks normal clumsy fashion, he naively carries them jack to Ant Island where they are greeted by Dot gazing through one of Flicks inventions-?a telescope made from a rolled up leaf and a droplet of dew. The true challenge for Flick and the troop of actors comes after the kindergarten performance of “The Warriors”, when they realize what the ants expect them to do-? not to perform for the visiting grasshoppers, but to wage war against the grasshoppers and restore freedom to the colony.

During their escape, Dot follows them and gets herself into a fix where she needs to be saved. She inadvertently produces the very situation which proves to the circus USGS that they can in fact save a life, and be heroic. All have passed the test; however, the colony of ants are still in the dark about the circus actors. Flick maintains the lie as long as he can in order to protect himself from having to admit to himself and the colony that he truly is as clumsy as they say he is. With this heroic victory comes love between Princess Dad and Flick, and celebration within the community and the circus bugs.

It is a peaceful time, a time which brings a sense of promise, freedom and celebration. But underneath the celebration lurks the lie Flick is unable to share with the colony in fear that he’ll be marked. This leads to the approach of the descent. This lie needs to surface in order for the transformation to take place. Approaching the Descent Approaching the descent occurs when Flicks lie is revealed after the flea and his centipede-drawn carriage arrive looking for the circus act.

This exposes the insects as would put himself before the colony, and princess Dad banishes Flick from the colony, lied to us, Flick…. [and] this time don’t come back. ” Central Ordeal (Death & Rebirth; the cave) Dot finally gets her wings after learning Hopper’s plans to squish the queen after all the food has been collected. Finding Flick and the others, she rallies the bugs to do something about it, but Flick has been banished and has descended emotionally and psychologically into the depths of the cave (hell). “Forget it,” Flick says. “It can’t be done. However, Dot inspires Flick when she returns with a rock and reminds him of the metaphor of the seed. Flick cannot resist the truth. He is a changed ant. Again, Dot’s admiration and respect is what awakens Flick anew. II. Initiation (B) Area rd With the courage he’s gained, his reward, Flick and the others return to the colony with a plan to use the bird they created to scare the grasshoppers away. But in a mistaken effort to save the colony from the bird, the flea ignites it on fire. All escape the burning ruin, and their attempts to surreptitiously frighten the grasshoppers is foiled.

Despite the loss, Flick stands up to Hopper, this time rousing up the entire colony together, Hopper’s deepest fear. The grasshoppers flee, except for Hopper, who is rounded up by the ants and shoved into a cannon. But the rains come and everything stops. All flee and Hopper escapes. Ill. Return Road Back! – A. K. A. , The Chase scene Hopper chases Flick, Flick escapes, and even though Flick is changed with courage, an intelligent ant runs from rain. Hopper takes the opportunity to escape from the cannon and chases Flick.

Resurrection (climax) Flick is smarter than Hopper, and knows his surroundings. He brings Hopper to the Return with the Elixir This time Flick is applauded for real at the film, which contrasts his earlier departure in the film when he crossed the Threshold the first time. This time it’s genuine applause. All is good in the colony. Flick and the circus bugs are all hero’s to the colony. Peace is restored. Caterpillar changes into a butterfly. Lady bug is in touch with his feminine side, all are changed because of Flick, and Princess Dad takes Flick by the hand.

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