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The Scientific Method Through the Use of Pill Bugs

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This reports purpose is to provide an example of the scientific method through a study and experiment of Pill bugs. We used the Pill bugs to determine if they preferred corn starch or fine sand while we also used a control. This study also dealt with problems such as timing, how many Pill bugs, and other alternative factors that might come into factor. This scientific method study reveals that the Pill bugs are attracted to corn starch.

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The Scientific Method Through the Use of Pill Bugs
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First, Pill bugs are in the Armadillidiidae family, they are also sometimes known as Roly-polys.

They are small terrestrial crustacean group in the Isopoda family. These Pill bugs can roll into a ball, when they feel threatened, an ability they share with the outwardly similar but unrelated pill millipedes and other animals. These creatures are fairly simple making them ideal to study and experiment on.

To perform this study of the scientific method, we study how Pill bugs are attracted to corn starch. By knowing that animals will move towards things they like and move away from their dislikes, we will use deductive reasoning and apply it towards our study of the Pill bugs. We used this information to make an effective experiment that would determine and measure wether the Pill bugs moved towards, away, or neither from the corn starch. I hypothesized that the Pill bugs would be attracted and move towards the corn starch.

We hoped that this experiment would show the effectiveness of the scientific method. While there are several factors to take into account, but a major one is timing. After observing Pill bugs for a little while, we see that they are not a speedy creature, they are somewhat slow. Knowing this, we see that they will subtly move toward their attraction. Therefore, we have to determine how much time should the Pill bugs be allowed to find the corn starch. Timing was very key to the experiment, stopping the clock whenever most of the bugs moved in one direction, was not a good strategy. We had to determine what timing process was best for this scientific method study.

Materials and Method

Two clear Pill bugs housing cylinders were set up side by side. Both were identical size and shape, which was a circular shape and a small passageway in between for the bugs to move from each house cylinder. Both enclosure were clear to that the viewers can see the bugs in action. Size wise, they were both small enough for the bugs to find their way around easily and somewhat quickly, but not too small to be too crowded.

One of the housing cylinders were used as a control group, while the other was to house the bugs during the trial. We first started out by putting the two housing systems side by side, and one spoon of fine sand was placed around the edge of each section of the control group. But for the trial housing part, one spoon of fine sand was placed on a small section while a spoon of corn starch was placed on the opposite side of the fine.

Then we placed 10 Pill bugs in each of the housing cylinders in an even individual manner, then we started a timer and we waited and watch. Then the Pill bugs location was recorded and put down on a table, this was done repeatedly every two minutes until the ten minutes mark was hit, which has a total of six readings including the initial zero time readings. Then we collected our data and began to analyze determine our findings.


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