Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark Hero’s Journey Analysis

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Ordinary World

In the first opening scene we see is Indiana Jone’s whip in his pocket.

Then we see the chapeau from buttocks and that is when the rock-ribbed Indiana Jones fans realize that they are witnessing the entryway of a great hero. The ordinary universe for Indiana Jones is truly non that tiring at all. He is invariably hit on by many undergraduates that he teaches in his Archaeology category. A premier illustration being an highly attractive undergraduate miss closes her oculus palpebras to expose the message “LOVE YOU.

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The Call

The call to action in this film was when the two federal agents came to enlist the aid of Indiana Jones to get the Ark of the Covenant. Indiana Jones informs them of the history behind the Ark and is informed that the Nazis have found Tanis the last known location of the Ark. Jones informs the federal agents that he is no expert on the topic of Ark myth. but they should be inquiring Abner Ravenwood.

Ravenwood collected many relics of Tanis including the caput piece to the Staff of Ra. The caput piece is the key to happening the Well of Souls where the Ark is kept.

The Refusal

Indiana Jones is gung Ho about shiping on his quest to happen the Ark of the Covenant. Marcus Brody.

the head conservator of the National Museum tells Jones that is might non be a good thought to travel seeking the Ark. Brody expresses his convern when he says. “Well. I mean that for about three thousand old ages adult male has been seeking for the lost Ark.

It’s non something to be taken lightly. No 1 knows its secrets. It’s like nil you’ve of all time gone after earlier. ” Jones Tells Brody non to worry.

for he does non believe in the supernatural. ”

Meeting the Mentor

This film has a little turn in footings of run intoing the wise man. The wise man. Abner Ravenwood is mentioned but we ne’er get to run into him.

for Jones and he had a falling out many old ages prior. Jones subsequently meets up with Sollah who guides him through Egypt.

Traversing the Threshold

In this film. nevertheless.

Jones goes to Nepal to travel see Marion. Abner Ravenwoods’ girl. to obtain the caput piece to the Staff of Ra. Carry throughing this undertaking is non easy for Jones because a romantic brush he had with Marion old ages earlier.

Test Allies ; A ; Enemies

Indiana Jones is greeted rather impolitely when he enters through Marion’s door she says. “Always knew someday you’d come back through my door! ” and so returns to plug him. “In the last 10 old ages. I learned to detest you.

I was a kid. You knew what you were making. ” Jones finds out that his wise man is dead. He gives her money to purchase the caput piece.

and she tells him to come back tomorrow to recover it. After Jones leaves the saloon. agents from the German Gustapo looking for the caput piece.They subdue her and endanger to fire her with a hot fire hook in order to torment her for information about the whereabouts the caput piece.

Right as they are about to get down the torture Jones comes in and saves her by floging out the hot fire hook out of the tormentor’s hands. The hot fire hook lights the drapes ablaze ensuing in the caput piece heating up. The caput Gustapo officer grabs the medallion and fire his custodies in the procedure. Marion so pays back the favour to Jones by hiting an assailant economy Jones’ life.

She looks and turns to Jones and says. “I’m your God damned spouse! ” At this point a partnership has been formed and we have Jones’ first major ally in the quest to happen the Ark.

The Approach

  • They arrive in Cairo in Egypt. where they meet up with Sollah.

    and an old co-worker of Jone’s.

  • Rene Belloch is running the archeological excavation in Tannis
  • The Germans have found the map room that Jones had mentioned earlier. but can non happen the location to the Well of Souls without the caput piece.
  • Sollah Acts of the Apostless as their usher and warns them of the dangers
  • “The Ark.

    If it is at that place. at Tanis. so it is something that adult male was non meant to upset.

  • Death has ever surrounded it.

    It is non of this Earth. ” – Sollah

  • Jones and Marian start to rekindle their relationship

* They are attacked by the Nazis and Jones throws Marion in a basket to maintain her safe from harm * While concealing in the basket the monkey hops on the top screen of the basket. giving her place off * Indiana Jones seeks out Marion but is unable to happen her * He shoots the explosives truck and the truck explodes which leads Jones to believe that Marian is dead * He meets up with Sollah after and they come to the decision that they merely have one side of the caput piece * The Nazis are delving in the incorrect topographic point* Sollah and Jones realize they do non hold much clip. for they must acquire to the map room around 9:00am when the Sun hits the map room * The Sun radiances through and points them to the location where they must delve * Jones goes to Balloch’s collapsible shelter and finds Marion* Jones promises to come back for her after he retrieves the Ark * They find the entryway to the Well of Souls when they are ambushed by Belloch and his Nazi cohorts

Supreme Ordeal

Jones is locked inside with Marion in the Well of Souls.

The floor is covered with serpents which makes this even more tormenting for Jones. Snakes are Jones’ worst fright and he despises them with a passion. At this point it seems as if all hope is lost. but Jones and Marion manage to get away the Well of Souls and seek to fly the archaeological excavation site at Tannis.

The Reward

After a fisticuffs with a elephantine Nazi machinist. blowing up an aeroplane on the flight strip. and trailing down a fleet of trucks. Jones takes back the Ark before it can be shipped to Berlin.

He obtains what he was looking for all along plus he has Marion by his side. which is what he truly wanted all along.

The Road Back

Indiana and Marion leave Cairo to escort the Ark to England on board a steam boat. The following twenty-four hours.

their boat is breached by Belloch. and the Nazis. who one time once more steal the Ark and nobble Marion. Indiana stows off on their Submarine and follows them to an stray island where Belloch plans to prove the power of the Ark before showing it to Hitler.

Indiana reveals himself and threatens to destruct the Ark with a rocket-propelled grenade launcher. but Belloch calls his bluff. cognizing Jones can non bear to eliminate an of import historical artefact.

The Resurrection

Indiana resignations and is tied to a station with Marion as Belloch performs a ceremonial gap of the Ark.

which appears to incorporate nil but sand. Belloch’s Nazi cohorts get down express joying believing they had merely wasted their clip. Suddenly. angels start to emerge from the Ark.

Aware of the supernatural danger of looking at the opened Ark. Indiana warns Marion to shut her eyes. The phantoms all of a sudden morph into ghastly animals of decease. and lightning bolts and explosion of fire and fire begin winging out of the Ark.

killing the Nazi soldiers. while Belloch and the remainder of the dominating officers meet their destinies as good.

Tax return with Elixir

Indiana and Brody inquire about the whereabouts of the Ark and are informed by the federal agents that the Ark “is someplace safe” to be studied by “top men” . The Ark is sealed in a wooden crate and stored in a elephantine authorities warehouse in Area 51 filled with infinite similar crates.

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