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Hiring Bias

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    Now that we know how selective bias can negatively impact a business, we are going to discuss some simple steps a company can take to avoid bias in the workplace. Be aware of bias, take a bias test The first step a business can take to avoid selective bias is to educate themselves and their staff on different types of bias like the ones mentioned in the previous slide. Knowing what negative, similar-to-me and other types of bias are and how they work, is the first step to learning how to avoid them. Another great tool to recognize unconscious bias is Harvard’s Project Implicit. This is an online test that gets users to rapidly associate positive or negative characteristics to two individual groups of people. if you took longer to associate positive words with a specific group of people you may have a slight bias to that group.

    This website has tons of different tests that help recognize any biases you may have so you can do your best to avoid them in the future. Edit job descriptions for gender biased words A company should also review its job descriptions thoroughly and make changes when needed. Job postings are extremely important when searching for new talent. The language used in these descriptions can inadvertently have a big impact one the types applicants that apply for a job. For example, words like competitive and determined in a job posting tend to attract males’ applicants, while words such as collaborative and cooperative tend to attract more females. Removing gendered words like these give a business a greater chance at attracting a wide variety of candidates who is the perfect match for the job. Have a blind resume review session Another great idea to avoid any unconscious bias is by having a blind resume review.

    This can be achieved by focusing only on a candidate’s qualifications and skills instead of focusing on any demographic information that can be assumed from first and last names, and even the area in which the candidate lives. Create a work simulation/sample test Work sample test can also ensure that you are selecting the best candidate for the job. A work sample test is designed to allow a candidate to partake in a task or skill-based test that directly relates to the job they’ve applied for. Harvard business professor Francesca Gino says“A skill test forces employers to critique the quality of a candidate’s work versus unconsciously judging them based on appearance, gender, age, and even personality”.

    Standardize interviews When recruiting for a new job it’s important that the interviewer uses a structured set of questions for all candidates. More free-flowing and organic interviews tend to lead to unconscious bias. By asking each interviewees a specific set of questions. The interview is easily able to focus on the candidate’s suitability for the job. Transition to case study Companies are also starting to use artificial intelligence to avoid selective bias which has had some mixed results. Shashi will discuss this in greater detail in our next slide.

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