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The Hockey Sweater is a relatable and realistic short story about Roch, a young boy who has to wear a rival hockey team’s sweater. The characters’ actions in the story make sense, such as Roch praying to God to make the sweater disappear and snapping at the referee. The setting in Montreal, a big hockey city, is also realistic and helps to understand the story. Additionally, the story is easy to relate to, as it portrays common household arguments and the limited lifestyle of a young boy. Overall, the effectiveness of the writing lies in its realism and relatability.

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The Hockey Sweater Essay Have you ever had to wear something you really hate? Or do something you d on’t want to? In ‘The Hockey Sweater’ this happens to Roch. The short story ‘The Hockey Sweated was very effectively written, realistic and relatable. This is because the characters actions make sense, the setting is realistic and the story was easy to relate to. Have you read some thing that makes you feel like you’re in the book? How would you act if all your friends and teammates were were angry and lau ghing at you? In this Story the characters actions make sense.

If someone was being m de fun of they would be sad and want the problem to disappear, so it makes sense that Roc h prayed to god to make the sweater or the problem disappear. It also makes sense that he snap ped at the referee, if you thought everyone was out to get you and there was an unfair call you wo uld probably get angry and yell. When Roch, being a huge hockey fan, saw the rival teams hock ey jersey in the box, knowing he had to wear it, he got angry this action makes sense. If some one was to cheer for a team and follow a team so much then have to wear the rivals sweater it would tick me off.

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These actions are all realistic and make sense supporting the effectiveness of the writing. Do you know any big hockey cities? There are sometimes riots over hockey ga mes. The setting in this story is realistic, helping the understanding of the story’. They ar e in Montreal a very big hockey city, so it makes sense that kids would not like him for wearin g a rival teams sweater. If it was in a city that was not a very big city a there were people who liked a variety of teams it wouldn’t be as realistic for all the kids to be angry with him for weari ng a different jersey then theirs.

Also the time in which the story took place is realistic, it too k place in the 1960’s. This setting is realistic because no one orders from catalogs anymore t hey go online or go to the store. When Roch smashes his sick on the ice the referee sends him to the church. The time frame of around 1960 helps this be realistic because priests don’t ever re anymore and if someone got in trouble they wouldn’t be likely sent to the chu rch they would have some other punishment. If there wasn’t the right setting the story woul d not make any sense. Do you have a good story that you can relate to?

The story The Hockey Sweat er is very is to relate to. The mom will not send back the sweater because it would be a w aste of money, that is a relatable scene if you have ever had to wear old clothes. Someone can rel ate to this if they have a mom who doesn’t want to throw away clothes or is a mom who made their kid wear use clothes. Also kids can relate to getting angry over not getting what they Want because this is a common household argument. Lastly everyone young boy or adult can relate to the kids lifestyle, hockey, school and church being the only places he is.

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