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Compare and Contrast Paper on Soccer and Hockey Sports

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Soccer is one of the oldest sports with a far-reaching history originating from the Britain when rugby and football separated and each formed an independent body in the year 1663. It has grown and developed tremendously with latest technologies being introduced e.g. artificial pitches. Hockey on the other hand is also a game with an equally far-reaching history with the international hockey federation formed in the year 1908. The two sport disciplines have many similarities and at the same time many differences, the following is a breakdown of their comparison.

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Compare and Contrast Paper on Soccer and Hockey Sports
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  • Both have got the same number of players that can play at a match i.e. eleven players.
  • Both have got pitches that have got two goals at the position of the goal lines.
  • Both have goalkeepers that guard the entry of the ball or the cork into the goal and hence making a score.
  • Both sports have a match duration divided into two equal halves with soccer having two 45 minutes halves and hockey having two 35 minutes halves.

  • Both have got a similar scoring system with a win having three points, a draw having one point each to the two teams, and a loss having 0 points.
  • Both are run and governed by international bodies, soccer –FIFA (federation international de football association), and hockey – FIH (federation of international hockey).
  • Both sports are represented in international competitions like Olympics and world cup tournaments.
  • Both have similar positioning of players i.e. goalkeeper, defenders, midfielders, and strikers.
  • Both have similar officiating methods with a central referee assisted by two assistants.
  • Both sports have embraced modern technology of artificial pitches and other modern inventions.
  • Both have got a common method of determining a winner in matches that demands a winner-in case of a tie after a normal play time an extra time is added, if the tie still remains then penalty kicks/flicks are taken until a winner is got.
  • Both allow for a maximum number of substitutes i.e. three in competitive match.


  • Whereas soccer has match duration of 90 minutes hockey has match duration of 70 minutes.
  • Soccer is a sport that is played using feet, head, chest and hands while hockey is played by use of special sticks.
  • Soccer pitch is larger in size as compared to hockey pitch with measurements ranging from, 100-110m as length and 64-75m as the width while hockey pitch measures 75m as length and 35m as width.
  • Soccer ball is made of leather or synthetic material and it is filled with pressure while hockey has a cork that is small in size and it is made of hard material.
  • In soccer the goalkeeper wears boots, shin guards, and gloves as the only protective attire while in hockey a goalkeeper has got much more protective attire which includes helmet, chest guard, loin guard, shin guards, gloves, and large plastic footwear.
  • Soccer playing boots have got long studs as compared to hockey’s that has shorter ones.
  • Kicking of the ball is one of the major skills in a game of soccer while in hockey kicking of the cork is a gross violation except when done by a goalkeeper.
  • In soccer aerial balls (passes) are allowed while in a game of hockey balls which are above the waist are considered as dangerous play and are usually penalized.

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