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Holiday Season Theme SetuBridge

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  • Pages 3
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    Holidays are arriving! Are you ready yet? With Christmas and New Year nearing, do not miss any chance to escalate your sales overnight with proven customer-engagement strategies for your eCommerce store. Also, if it is built with Magento, then we believe you are going to have more advantages in this seasonal or holiday spree. While so far Magento has powered up millions of large and small websites with its powerful inherent features, it also empowers for holiday seasons with effective marketing and acquisition strategies. While the core idea for boosting up seasonal sales is to come up with something offbeat that also goes with holiday season fever.

    However, from the Magento’s end, you’ve got these amazing ways to prep up your store for the holiday season. So, get yourself an adept Magento developer from Sydney if you are looking ahead to churn out more revenue and sales in this holidays. Getting on-site search basics right From the location of the search box to the keywords/products suggestions, everything needs to be properly twitched during holidays to make the search experience of buyers quick and hassle-free. The search box should be placed either top right, top centre or top left for maximum visibility. Likewise, its functionality should be enhanced too with adaptive search algorithm for current products results, autocomplete, autocorrect, and autosuggestions.

    Engaging loyal customers one-month ahead Loyalty emails have more potentiality to drive customer engagement with CTR. Emails sent much ahead at least one month prior to the existing customers are most effective. Sent them emails with offer reminders, rewards points, coupons, etc. will incentivise them to buy. Besides, those who have onced benefitted from the rewards program are more likely to buy the second time in order to secure the rewards points. Creative segmentation Some of the practical exercises for segmentation include studying the location dynamics of the customer base, hitting on their lifestyles and habits based on their earlier buys, and reviewing the historical sales data to know the purchase tendencies of different customer groups during different times. Planning the promotions and deals of the store according to customer segmentation analytics will help you to successively fine-tune their shopping experiences during the holidays.

    Revamping the brand for holiday binge While it the most wonderful time of the whole year for everyone, you need to prepare your store or brand too to make it a part of the festive spree. So, not just great promotions and lucrative deals will grab enough attention! A better, a modified version of your store with festive look will add to its charm. Get a festive theme for your store from the Magento marketplace like the Holiday Season Theme by SetuBridge to give it a fresh and lively feel. Apart from all these, running incessant campaigns on social media pages is also necessary for elevating the customer experience in the holiday season. However, in all the way to boost festive sales be careful of avoiding these grave mistakes that can break your holiday business. Thinking that the website is ready for any amount of sales Not keeping sufficient inventory in stock Discounting the products that are “out-of-the-trends” Neglecting the aspect of website speed optimisation Are you looking for some eCommerce development company in Australia to start with your holiday promotions in a fresh way?

    PHPProgrammers is the right stop for you! Get in touch with our expert team of Magento developers in Sydney who will listen to your promotion plans and give the best shot to optimise your store.

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