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The Season I Like the Most

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In our country, we are supposed to have six seasons — Summer, Rains, Early Autumn, Late Autumn, Winter and Spring. Actually there are summer, Rains and winter. But we can feel the delicate shades of difference between Early and Late Autumn, or between spring and summer. Of all these seasons, I like summer the most. This may seem Stanger, but it is a fact for me. Let me first narrate the good and the bad sides of the seasons clearly. In summer, the heat becomes oppressive.

It causes physical hardship that sometimes become unbearable. We feel easily tired.

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The Season I Like the Most
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What with the heat and the sweat and the dust and the flies at times, it is positively maddening. On the other hand, the general health is usually good. The discomforts caused by cold season ailments of digestion, common in the rainy season, practically do not exist in this stern season. Further, the sultry and humid heat of noonday is usually compensated by the refreshing breeze that blows in at about evening.

And then a thunder-shower or two brings down the tem­perature and gives us a pleasant respite. Summer has richer compensations that make it so dear to me.

First, there is the mango, the world’s wonder-fruit. Next, there is the joy of playing football, the world’s most popular game. As soon as the sea-breeze begins to blow across the fields, out we go with our ball, and then there is a joy of having a refreshing bath that follows. It cools the body and soothes the mind. At what season, again, is the sweetness of an ice-cream or a cold drink so deliciously inviting? At night we may sleep under the electric fan or the open sky, refreshed by the breeze. In summer, we can go up a hill-side station or down to a sea­side resort and both are equally welcome.

Above all, their is the charm of the long vacation which enables us to enjoy all these pleasures to our heart’s content. I do not deny that the heavy rains that make the green fields greener against the background of an overcast sky has greater charm for the poetic mind. To the hard­working man under the scorching heat of the sun, or at the machines, winter is certainly more welcome. While admitting all this, I yet feel that for a student with the examination mercifully over and a pleasant vacation for lazing or travelling, no season can be as attractive as summer.

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