The Whistling Season Essay

            The story of “The Whistling Season” is very humorous which you can obviously recognize at the beginning of the book - The Whistling Season Essay introduction. Chapter 4 is just part of the beginning wherein the important characters appear. From this, I have learned a lot from everything that Paul narrates.

            It is strange how Paul reacted when Rose introduced his brother, Mr.Morgan, to him as well as Olivers’ alert reaction when he heard Morrie’s voice. The language used by Morrie as well as his tone, gives an impression of how clever and knowledgeable he is. As you read through the lines, you can imagine how many achievements Morrie has.  It is funny how Rose and Morrie use gestures whenever Rose doesn’t agree with Morrie’s words especially when he’s talking to Oliver. Every movement and facial expressions are greatly described by the author.

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            Part of this chapter is a very intelligent conversation of Morrie and Oliver about farming and their raging debate about crop yielding. It is amazing how Rose bravely tried to defense his brother and lifting him up after Morrie clean the chicken house. One intriguing part is when Paul and his brother decide to keep a secret from their father.

            Paul has a very tough mind that he tried to remember different personalities of the people he knows. He compared Brother Jubal to William Jennings Bryan, whom his father would have voted on presidential elections. In this chapter, you can see how religion matters to them during those times. I can really imagine every scene while I read the text all throughout this chapter.

            As the story goes, it is obvious that everybody is trying to learn the characters of each other, and by dealing with different people inside the house, rumors cannot be set aside. Rose is also a widow like Oliver who is a widower, and so they are being teased together. However, Oliver knows what he is suppose to hear and not. Well that’s really the secret on how to deal with it. Oliver is somehow learning something from Rose and Morrie as time goes by.

            As I go on with the story, I find different interesting characters in the person of Daemon who has been frustrated for his scrappy Capper career because his father spanked him after he ride a galloping horse backwards. Paul remembered Rose quoting from the dictionary “by which things come to be as they are”, and he could have wished how simple life is like it should be.

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