Homeschooling is an Effective Form of Education

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Homeschooling has been becoming a more popular way of education in today’s society.

Many families have chosen homeschooling as a way of education due to the many benefits that homeschooling comes with. Homeschooling is an option that allows children to learn from home and still be able to achieve the goals that they want in life. Homeschooling gives a child more of a challenge and a higher rate to succeed, and it allows the student to pick things up easier. Homeschooling has proven that it is more beneficial, showing most of the student’s standardized test scores. However, homeschooling is a more effective way of learning. Firstly, kids that have been homeschooled are taught to be more independent people (Romanowski).

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For instance, when being homeschooled it gives the child a better structure as a person. Specifically, many kids that have been homeschooled learn to do things on their own. Secondly, being homeschooled they are more involved in their communities and complete community services (Romanowski). While being, in the homeschool environment, many learn how to provide and help within their community.

They have been taught to do community services to help within their community and the people around them. Lastly, homeschooled children are capable of having the same social skills that are the same as a regular student (Romanowski). For example, many that are homeschooled are given an activity where they can interact with other kids. In other words, homeschooled kids can socialize with other kids the same as a kid that goes to school does. Secondly, an advantage of homeschooling is that the child is given more one on one time. For example, having the one on one time the child is given more time to focus in a calm environment (Pearson) (example).

Therefore, it gives kids the chance to concentrate and get what they need to get done at their pace. For many kids, it’s important to have a good teacher-to- student ratio, which when being homeschooled that the teacher can focus on one student and help them succeed. Another thing is that the student can get the help that they need (Pearson). With that being said, many students to better with individual attention to get the help that they need with homework and tests. Also, many students need a single person to help to keep them on track with their assignments. Lastly, it gives the student a better chance to succeed with grades and get into colleges (Pearson).

Many kids do better, have only one on one time because they aren’t worried about being skipped over. The teacher can concentrate on one student and help that student with the needs that they might have or help them achieve the goals that they have in life. Lastly, kids that are homeschooled become successful overall. According to Taylor-Hough “Research shows any method of homeschooling produces standardized test results 20-30 percentile points above public-school results. Not all methods will produce the same level of subjective results such as maturity, leadership, and critical thinking” (Taylor) (Fact).

This shows that homeschooled students are successful in at-home learning and can score high on standardized tests. Also homeschooled students can have a higher level of maturity being around a teacher and getting the one on one teaching method. They are more motivated to succeed in their academics and get into a good college (Taylor). Homeschooled students have their mind set on getting into a good college after high school and can peruse the career that they want to go into. Many homeschooled students choose to be homeschooled because they have a higher chance of succeeding in life and school.

If kids chose to homeschool, then they become more academically motivated (Taylor) (Prediction of Consequence). The mindset of a homeschooled student can be self-determination, to get into college and achieve their goals for the future. They are rewarded when being homeschooled, which gives the students more motivation to succeed in their academics and schooling. In conclusion, homeschooling has its advantages in educational areas. Homeschooling sticks to individual time rather than being able to go out and socialize. There should be more time with others to better their social skills with others in their community. Who knows? Maybe letting the student get more social time wouldn’t be a bad thing after all.

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