The Nile River in Egypt

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Web Search Report Worksheet Name: Lizzie Merriweather Search Engine: www. bing. com Section #1: Features of the Search Engine Identify which features can be found in this search engine (it may have one or multiple features). Does it (answer Y or N): _y__ Search the web? __y_ Search other search engines? _y__ Act as a directory (lists of categories to select from)? Does it (answer Y or N): _y__ Have an advanced search option? _y__ Have “Help” options? _y__ Use Boolean Logic (and, or, not)? n__ Use Truncation/Wild Card Characters or Special Characters (*, ? , ~) _y__ Translate web pages? _y__ Allow field limiting searches (can you search for filetypes, site, intitle)* _y__ Allow you to do a search within a completed search (find similar pages, offer terms to narrow your search)? _y__ Recognize parentheses or quotation marks to search for phrases? _y__ Allow you to change the way the page is displayed (number returns on the page, preferred language)? _y__ List the number of pages in the database? y__ Explain how the results are ranked? Please list other Noteworthy Features: Travel,shopping,health and local Section #2: Overall Evaluation (create a bulleted list for each question) After reviewing the key features of the search engine, answer the following questions: What are the strengths of the search engine? * List other pages on the web where you can find information. * The search engine sort through millions of database to find matches. * It automated search engine bots. What are the weaknesses of the search engine? It only works for suitable websites and only for a few selected search keywords only. * The copy writing is good only a few situation. * They are not reliable What would you change about the search engine? * I would make it easier to search the web. * Put a age limit on certain web sites * Make a education site for younger kids Section #3: Evaluating Search Results (create a bulleted list for each question) The fictitious url addresses below contain at least one item that can impact a website’s perceived credibility.

Review each of the two url address pairings and identify credibility differences between them. Answers should be submitted in a bulleted list format. Note: This assignment is not asking you to evaluate the websites, but instead to review the url’s alone to identify credibility issues. What are the credibility differences between the two following fictitious url addresses? www. college. edu/topicvs. www. college. edu/~johnsmith/topic * The college. edu/topic is a reliable source. hen you type it in, it goes right to the topic * The college. edu/~johnsmith/topic is not a reliable source. It is also not a topic that you can pull up on the web page What are the credibility differences between the two following fictitious url addresses? www. topic. comvs. www. college. edu/topic * The www. topic. com is not a website in English. I don’t understand it. * The www. college . edu/topic is a web page that is reliable. you can pull up and go to the topic in this source.

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