How Blue Nile Inc. Is Changing the Jewelry Industry Essay

1. Using the classification of EC (Section1. 2, chapter 1), what can you say about Blue Nile? EC is a different approach to online purchasing. It is uncertainty in these times, but potential for huge success in the future. Is consumer’s new “power of choice”. Blue Nile Inc. reported a 30 percent growth from 2003 to 2004, showing a need for items to be offered not only in stores, but also online. So they change to do online shop is the right choice. 2. In what ways is the company changing its industry?

Blue Nile Inc. changes their shop from physical store to online shop. Using the B2C EC model knocking out expensive stores and intermediaries and then slashing prices—they captured a high market share in a short time, making a sizable profit by inducing more people to buy online. The company has a mobile website for iPhone and Android users so customers can compare prices and quality while they search the incentory. 3. What are the critical success factors of the company?

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How Blue Nile Inc. Is Changing the Jewelry Industry
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Success factors of company include low price, quality information and an excellent return policy. 4. Research Blue Nile’s affiliate marketing program via Link share. How does this program help Blue Nile? Affiliate marketing program via LinkShare help Blue Nile more famous. As the online marketing industry continues to evolve at a fast pace, advertisers, publishers and agencies are turning to LinkShare for technology innovation, 5. Competition between Blue Nile and Amazon. om will continue to increase. In your opinion, which one will win? (Visit their websites and see how they sell jewelry. ) In my opinion, Amazon. com will win. Because Amazon. com is a comprehensive online shop, but bulenile. com only sale jewelry, so Amazon. com have more customer base and compare with jewelry other goods are cheaper and useful so more customers would like to choose Amazon,com.

6. Compare the following three sites: diamond. com, ice. com, and bluenile. om. All sites appear to offer robust B2C diamond and jewelry sales. And also all sites appear to sell gems and jewelry. Bluenile. com appears to be a more marketing/customer driven presence, while the others appear to compete more on price. 7. Find all the ways you can pay at Blue Nile when you shop. The payment options at Blue Nile have credit card, Blue Nile credit card, Pay Pal and V. me By visa. These four ways are all the ways customers can pay at Blue Nile.

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