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Homosexual Adoptions

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Should homosexual couples be allowed to adopt children? The question concerning gay couples adopting children has become major problem in our society. This has become more of a political issue than a moral issue. If the question is looked at morally instead of politically then there would be no question at all. Gay couples should be in no way allowed to adopt children. There are several reasons why gay couples should not be able to adopt children. People look at this question from the wrong standpoint, instead of looking at what is better for the child they try to accommodate those who live an alternative life style.

The child should be the most important factor in the adoption process.

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Homosexual Adoptions
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If God intended for homosexual couples to have and raise children he would have made it possible naturally. There are some cases that heterosexual couples adopt because they are unable to have children, but the difference here is that most heterosexual couples can naturally have children, while on the other hand no homosexual couples can naturally produce children.

Homosexuality is morally degrading to a society, and for our society to condone homosexual relationships by allowing them to adopt children would hurt our societies morals, and be unfair to the child.

A child growing up with homosexual parents would not have all the advantages that a child growing up with heterosexual parents would. A child is better off having a mother and a father, and it would be confusing to a child if he had two mothers or two fathers. The child’s parents would influence the child’s perception of normal and natural relationships. A child tends to imitate its parents this means a child that is raised by homosexual parents is more likely to be homosexual than those who are raised by heterosexual parents. It is not natural to be homosexual because instincts that come natural are to help us survive and homosexuality would not help survive. It would have the opposite affect, and after several hundreds of years would in fact make the human race extinct.

Finally, you have to look at the question from the child’s perspective. Depending on what age a child is adopted the child may have emotional or physical problems. By putting a child in a homosexual household you are opening him up to even more ridicule and abuse. He would be teased his entire life because of who his parents are. A Child already suffering from emotional problems does not need another strike against him. When viewed from the child’s perspective the idea of adoption for homosexual couples is not logical.

In conclusion allowing gay couples to adopt children would in no way help our society, however, it would damage our societies moral future. Anything that does more damage than good to a society is best kept out of it. By allowing homosexual couples to adopt we are condoning their actions, which are morally degrading to our society in general. Homosexuals should not be discriminated against because of their sexual preference, but they should not be treated as married couples either because for there to be a marriage there needs to be a women and a man. You should not put a child who has been put up for adoption, or any child, into a situation where they are already at a disadvantage. As a society our children deserve the best opportunity that can be given to them not a social experiment.

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Homosexual Adoptions. (2018, Jun 27). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/homosexual-adoptions-essay/

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