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Honesty Cause and Effect

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Cause and Effects of Honesty
Honesty is saying what we know or suspect to be true, even when we do not like the potential consequences. Honesty is a great virtue in which many have the potential to possess. Generally, “honesty is the best policy” is a quote that is taught to people at a young age in order to allow them to grow to be honest, truthful adults. Truthfulness is tested in situations of tribulations, and even might be needed when asked for advice.

Honesty can be very beneficial in these situations, but sometimes honesty can be taken harshly, and may end up hurting someone. Initially we may feel that if we always tell the truth no harm can come from it, but is the necessarily true? Considering these ideas, it seems that the effects of honesty are commonly good but every once in awhile have an unexpected outcome.

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Honesty Cause and Effect
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Being sincere and truthful typically leads to trust and respect for an individual.

In situations where there is possible question as to the actual outcome, the individual seeking the truth with directly go to a respectable being who will give a trustworthy account of what happened. When someone builds up their credibility by being honest it helps them create a better reputation and overall well-rounded image. On the opposite side of the fence, a person who lies frequently and is not typically honest may not be trusted in most situations and not have strong relationships. It is evident that is a person is truly trustworthy and honest, he or she will be respected and honored by friends, family, and the community.

Examining honesty in a more crucial light it is obvious that sometimes honesty may not be “the best policy.” Although someone should always be truthful, being too honest may be detrimental to someone else. For instance, if a friend asked another for advice on his or her writing assignment, and the friend was honest about their opinion that was the writing was bad, would the friend be hurt? Sometimes when giving an honest opinion some may overlook the resulting consequences. It is evident that in some situations being honest may not be such a good idea, but it may be better than giving a “well-dressed” lie. A lie that an individual may give in order to spare one’s feelings may further result in realizing it was a lie and eventually being hurt regardless. Overall, being honest is always the better option but other feelings must always be considered.

Another effect of honesty is an overall sense of good personal morality. Being honest leads to a trustworthy credibility, if many respect someone they will feel good about themselves. Feeling good about oneself may also lead to many other positives effects on their life. For example, this sense of honorability and trusting capability will enable someone to have a more positive attitude and be happier. Generally, being a happier person makes school, a job, and everyday tasks easier. Happiness and positivity allow for new paths to open, and more opportunities.

Another positive reason that one should be honest and truthful includes the results that may occur if he or she was to lie instead of telling the truth. When someone lies it may solve the issue temporarily but will eventually come back around and the truth will be discovered. Once it is found that the person who was trusted enough to give the correct information or advice lied, the trust the other person has with them will eventually be broken. As mentioned, someone may be able to surpass a situation with a lie, but it will not take long for the lie to be uncovered. Honesty should be utilized always for all circumstances; truthfulness is a better option than dishonesty.

Living honestly and truthfully, a person will find that his or life is more enriched and meaningful. Honesty helps a person to strengthen relationships, conquer problems and excel in many situations. This also builds a great sense of personal morality, and trust amongst family, friends, and community. However, under certain circumstance a person may choose to be dishonest in order to protect his or her loved ones. Even with this, honesty is more likely than not the best possible method to being trusted, respected, and virtuous throughout life.

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