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Horror Creative Writing

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Rio started to make his way through the wood at which he had been unwillingly led to by his friends, he stepped over the stray branches and circled the particularly muddy areas which were covered with red and brown leaves from the slowly withering trees.Why he had agreed to this Rio would never know, the thought of playing hide and seek in the deserted woods by the lake had excited him and his mates but now that Rio was alone his feelings were quite the opposite.

Rio brushed his brown hair from his eyes and looked up to the quickly darkening sky, he and his friends had told there parents they were going camping but the real plan was to pull an all nighter and survive the supposedly haunted woods.

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They can’t be that far, Rio thought to himself checking the time on his mobile, *crunch* Rio jumped at the sudden sound.He turned round and was relived to see it was just a broken twig, Rio put his hand to his heart and could feel its quickening pace.

He sighed as he scrolled through the numbers on his mobile, he selected one of his friend’s names and held the mobile close to his ear, after a few seconds there was a low dial tone. Rio swore as he realised that his mobile had no signal, he waved it frustratedly above his head but still no signal could be found.

Rio looked at his surroundings, he hadn’t a clue were any of his friends had ran off to, he was getting a bit scared at the thought of no light and no one around. Rio tried to keep calm and think, he crossed his arms and kept them close to his chest as a shield against the cold night air. Rio started walking again hoping for a chance to find somebody, anybody. He called out to no one in particular ticking off his friends mentally as he called out there names in turn, Rio let out a frustrated groan as there was no reply to any of his cries.

He started to get a desperate and quickened his pace which only led him deeper in to the woods. Rio took regular glances over his shoulders as he began to get more frightened and paranoid. He had almost gone into a jog as he rounded the corner and came to a more crowded area of the wood. He began to run as his need to get out increased.

Rio ran faster as he thought he saw a light up ahead. He ducked under the low branches and jumped the regular upturned roots. A Stray log lay hidden disguised by the shadows of the trees and Rio came crashing to the ground, causing his mobile phone to come loose and lye a thew centimetres in front from his outstretched arm.Rio sat up breathing heavily he struggled to his feet with help from a near by tree.

He looked down to his feet and let out a shaky sigh, his breath hitched as he struggled to keep the threatening tears from falling. He bent down to get his phone and brushed the excess mud from the cracked screen.Rio held his head in frustration as he saw that the earlier light he had seen had disappeared. A loud moan echoed though the woods interrupting Rios thoughts.

He looked around cautiously to his left. He then jumped in fright as another moan was heard from behind him. Rio looked around but could see nothing in the bad lighting. He looked back in front of him and froze suddenly.

His whole body paralyzed in fright as he felt a cold, shaky breath on his neck. Rio turned round slowly and his legs melted beneath him. The sight before him made him go the whitest shade of pale that could be imagined.

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