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House of Flying Daggers

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House of Flying Daggers

            In the movie House of Flying Daggers, martial arts was portrayed more of an art rather than just fighting or violence. The scene where Mei dances in front of Leo with pebbles flying everywhere showed that martial arts is an art. In this scene, the art of dancing gracefully attracted me as a viewer. The special effect incorporated in the scene was the computer generated pebbles. The whole scene was solely reliant of the actress skill in dancing which can also be classified as a martial art.

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House of Flying Daggers
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The initial notion of audiences to martial arts is brutal fighting and pure violence; however in this movie, it was show in a very different way. It was shown as a historical type of movie incorporated with art. This scene is a crucial part of the movies’ whole plot. It created an impression to the audience that Mei is not a fighter but also a graceful dancer.

            The final scene where in Leo and Jin were fighting in a snowy field while Mei was terribly wounded.

Martial arts in this scene is a portrayed as an honorable way to settle a doubt. The fighting scene between Leo and Jin showed that both characters are sincere in loving Mei. Both men are honorable even until death. In this scene, special effect is not necessary to show the sincerity in the characters. The message of the movie was successfully delivered through the twist during final parts of the scene. The scene where Mei removed the blade in her, showed Leo than Mei does love Jin and is willing to die for him. Martial art is also a medium for love.

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