How Far Could It Be Argued That We Live

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Article writers give out the message- this is the way to be/become perfect and impress boys or girls. I strongly believe that this is not the right sage to put out to teenagers. It puts it in their minds that they have to be a certain way for a person to like you. For a girl, the stereotype would be- wearing revealing clothes, big breasts, small waist, collarbones and a thigh gap. For boys it would be- big muscular, abs and the ‘nice’ hair. For both genders this leaves a huge mental mark.

A self-confident male or female would pass over this with disgust and be perfectly fine with their looks. Whereas, a less confident male or female would study the figure and imitate them by dressing like the model or eating less to have the model’s body, Our society has many people who use the benefits system. However, some people misuse and take advantage of the system. I feel strongly against the users who are on benefits because of not being able to pay for their children, those who are unemployed and not trying to get a job and people on low income.

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That’s 300,000 claimants altogether! Tax payers have to pay for these people and I think they should try to do something and not just claim. People who can’t afford to have children shouldn’t have had them, yes accidents happen but people should have a secure income. People on low income have a chance of getting a better job, it is hard but that’s the way life works. The UK govern meant estimates that total fraud across the whole economy amounts to EWE billion each year. This could have gone to things like charities or funds to help in the long run.

This is tax payer’s money; the people who work for the things they want. What I also feel is wrong is the fact that people who work can’t afford for the luxuries that benefit users have. I think these people deserve these luxuries such as big us, huge houses and holidays in the sun. These people are taking advantage of the system and I don’t think it is right and neither do the plenty of people who pay tax. To conclude, I think the point that society is unfair could be taken far. With all the points above I explained why society is unfair, both in the LIKE and nationally.

Most people agree with the points that were chosen and the examples and evidence backed up my points. The reason I chose those topics is because felt strongly about them. I feel magazines are constantly sending the wrong message to girls as well as boys and I think magazine writers should take it own a notch in giving advice and should leave it to the professionals, also photos shouldn’t be photo-shopped so much to leave a psychological imprint on peoples’ minds and make them want to change themselves.

Pensions are at an age that isn’t safe for the people that will be using the persons’ profession and think the income has changed too vividly. Benefit scroungers and frauds aren’t doing the KICK any help at all. Its taking up all the money and the country is already in recession so if workers have to pay tax for other people don’t think it is right.

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