How Medical TV Shows Influenced My Desire to Study Medicine

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I would love to say and show that “I’ve been passionate about and qualified of studying medicine since the day I was born” in this essay, but it was truly my parents who pushed me through the track and turn me into one who is interested in this science of changing the natural course of life. I had not been anywhere near the top in class when I was studying in Macau, and as a student who struggled solving questions like the Lewis structure of BrF2 back in high school, it is hard to imagine that I am writing an essay 5 years later to prove that I am ready for one of the most profound and interesting science throughout the human history.

I gained my passion to the practice of medicine through watching a bunch of TV shows. In my last few years of high school studies, I gained some spare time under the U.S. education system. Since my dad had been encouraging me to achieve something he had not done, he introduced some medical drama, including the Good Doctor, E.R. and Doctor House. I enjoyed the most out of House’s splendid trash talk, but it was the Emergency Room that gave me an inspiration of choosing what it depicts as my future career. For starters, the E.R. show is all about the days and nights in a busy Emergency Room.

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Even though I was more into the romantic relationships and the drama within the show, I learnt that the basis of becoming a doctor, or dare I say, a moral human, is Sympathy. It should not only happen in the hospital, but also in real life. In one of the episodes, a pediatrician, Doug, saved a child when he was not on duty. There was a storm happening, and a child, seeking for his basketball, was locked up inside the sewer. His friend then asked for help from Doug, who after a conflict was taking a rest inside his car. Knowing the heavy rain could fill out the sewer fast, Doug entered the sewer and tried to break up the lock that stops the child from escaping.

After several fail attempts, the child was asleep due to low temperature. Doug, as a professional child-doctor, kept the child awake and undoubtedly, alive with jokes. Fortunately, the child was lastly rescued. The spirit goes beyond only helping people lying in the bed, and a doctor’s job description, and that is where the spirit within the Hippocratic Oath truly lies.

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