Desire for Freedom and Desire for Limitations on Freedom

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Both a desire for freedom and a desire for limitations on freedom are essential for peaceful living, as people can have both.

Absolute freedom is unattainable as removing constraints also removes freedoms. Without societal rules, individuals could harm each other without consequences. We value freedom because restrictions hinder our autonomy over our bodies.

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Our physical bodies are the only aspect of our lives that we have complete control over. Various forbidden freedoms, such as drug use, prostitution, suicide, vagrancy, being a minor in possession, evading military service, illegal immigration, and age restrictions on buying pornography all involve self-harmful actions. These actions are categorized as criminal offenses and can result in punishment by the legal system.

These crimes are characterized by the fact that you choose to victimize yourself (excluding cases of forced prostitution). In my opinion, what individuals choose to do to themselves is not a major concern for our country. The government should not have control over your personal decisions. As long as you are not causing harm to others, the government should not allocate their resources towards matters that are insignificant compared to crimes involving victims.

There is a general disagreement over the government’s authority to regulate individuals’ actions and choices. Some argue that it should be left to each person to decide if they want to live without a home, battle drug addiction, or participate in prostitution, as long as their actions only affect themselves. These laws are thought to exist solely because of public pressure.

The allocation of significant funds, resources, and efforts in addressing such crimes results in substantial waste. It would be much more advantageous and lucrative to grant us the authority to determine our own actions towards our bodies. I fail to comprehend any justification for expending such an excessive amount of energy on individuals who voluntarily eliminate themselves. Allowing them to exercise autonomy over their own choices would not only save money on enforcing laws but also significantly diminish our crime rate.

Not only are we restricted in what we can do to our bodies, but we are also denied access to complete information about the products we consume. Many of the food products we buy are derived from biogenetics, but the FDA does not mandate companies to disclose this on labels. Similarly, information on animal testing is only disclosed by these companies through press releases.

It is essential that we stay informed about the progress of projects financed by our tax dollars, rather than just observing unethical treatment of animals. Many corporations seem to have a tendency to conceal information, which raises concerns about their secretive activities. One notable development in the pharmaceutical industry is the increase in television advertisements, now permitted by law.

Some drugs are relatively new, making it difficult to determine their long-term effects. Pharmaceutical companies often lack transparency in providing this information. Similarly, the Christian Children’s Fund does not fully disclose that the funds you donate exclusively benefit individuals who practice Christianity. As a result, many devout believers may prefer to endure hunger rather than compromise their religious traditions.

Discovering the extent of our finances being spent on dishonest companies is discouraging. Similarly, school boards choosing to omit certain aspects of our history from mandatory textbooks deprives our children of a comprehensive education. To ensure that our children can differentiate between truths and falsehoods, they must be aware of the entire narrative. Having access to complete and accurate information is a fundamental freedom and entitlement.

Despite the presence of false information, it is disheartening that our ability to speak freely and gather peacefully is limited. Individuals voice their dissatisfaction by participating in demonstrations against different forms of unfairness. However, instead of bringing about societal change, they encounter violent responses from law enforcement such as the use of mace, rubber bullets, physical attacks, and subsequent arrests. It is important to highlight that the charges faced by protesters frequently lack political justification.

Protesters are frequently detained by the police for minor infractions, although these charges are often dismissed in court. It seems like this is done to remove them from the streets. However, when people try to exercise their right to freedom of speech and bring attention to these rights violations, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) censors them, preventing the public from seeing the evidence. It seems that we are not allowed to express our opinions on the most important issues for public involvement. We vote on different measures and sometimes pass them successfully, but any attempt to put them into action is quickly vetoed.

An example of this is doctor-assisted suicide, which was voted in but eventually rejected. We, the citizens, lack the power to influence the president’s decision to bomb other nations. I believe that we should have a say in such matters, considering that we are the ones who ultimately bear the consequences of war. The government disregards the opinions of its citizens as we are deprived of the choice to abstain from fighting.

It is illogical that we must wait until we turn eighteen to vote and serve in the military, yet we lack the authority to determine if military action is actually warranted. Voting was originally established as a safeguard against politicians imposing their beliefs on us. The majority of individuals who are employed contribute taxes, but frequently these funds appear to be directed towards unethical endeavors rather than virtuous ones. Proponents of taxation argue that it is intended to provide assistance for our local law enforcement, who are present to “protect and serve”.

After careful consideration, I have come to the conclusion that our money tends to work against us rather than for us. Trust in our police force has been dwindling as I have observed instances of police brutality, false arrests, and falsified evidence. I am disturbed to find that police programs have even resorted to entrapment tactics, such as sending minors into bars to pose as drug dealers in order to apprehend addicts.

I fail to understand the justification behind these actions as both acts are illegal. Furthermore, there is also the problem of corruption, such as instances where the police in Texas ignore hate crimes or fail to adequately prosecute the perpetrators. A notable incident that comes to mind is the case of Brian Denahey, a punk rocker in Texas who was deliberately run over by a jock.

The jock managed to escape from the authorities and remained at large for a few days. However, he was ultimately given probation as his penalty. In situations like these, there is no one available to provide aid due to law enforcement’s lack of determination in pursuing justice. If someone were to take matters into their own hands and seek revenge against the jock, they would be incarcerated. This exemplifies what freedom truly means – engaging in conflict and causing harm to an unfamiliar individual.

While it is unjust to harm an innocent individual, seeking revenge through murder is not a justified response if the legal system fails to punish the perpetrator. Those who seek vengeance for a killing would likely face harsher consequences and endure a considerable prison sentence prior to being sentenced. The essence of my argument is that law enforcement authorities have the power to deprive one of their freedom regardless of whether they have committed any wrongdoing.

If you refuse to sign over custody of your child, you may be jailed for child neglect, even if you are not diagnosed with dementia. The authorities have the power to place you in a hospital or jail under government custody based on their claim that you have authority problems. This situation is illustrated by the case of the I.

N. S., they have the power to imprison you instead of sending you back to your homeland, highlighting the absence of protection for personal freedom.

Despite residing in a democratic country, the government and its personnel can act without facing repercussions, which undermines the importance of being law-abiding. Nevertheless, I hold the belief that there are specific decisions we should not have the privilege to make, particularly those involving harm towards others like murder, rape, child abuse/neglect, assault, different types of torture, drunk driving, and domestic violence.

The limitations mentioned are similar to laws that prohibit self-harm, hence limiting our freedom of choice. Additionally, when someone causes harm to others, they eliminate their ability to choose. However, not all restrictions on our liberty undermine our belief in democracy. In our society, there are legislative actions that certain individuals may find unfavorable but are deemed advantageous by the majority.

In America, environmental protection efforts are made through limitations on hunting and fishing, as well as the implementation of laws to prevent waste dumping by companies. Companies found guilty of such actions face penalties and are required to perform community service.

If the fine is significant and individuals are cautious with their expenses, they will hopefully strive to avoid infringements. Additionally, we have regulations against mistreatment of animals, specifically unauthorized animal abuse. Causing harm to specific domesticated animals is prohibited by law; however, there are no restrictions for scientific research and food production activities. In order to protect our air quality, we have implemented measures such as regulating vehicle emissions and banning CFCs, which are known to cause damage to the ozone layer.

In addition, our government has implemented laws to safeguard endangered species, imposing harsh penalties for any infringements. Although there may be a lack of attention given to other pressing matters, the significance of preserving our planet is acknowledged. Furthermore, legislation has been introduced with the intention of decreasing acts of violence by revising punishments to suit the severity of the crimes committed. Additionally, particular statutes focus on hate crimes as a means of unequivocally conveying that prejudice will not be accepted.

To prevent the wrong people from obtaining guns, we have put new regulations into effect. These regulations consist of a five-day waiting period for purchasing handguns, mandatory background checks at gun shows, and a strict policy against any form of violence in our public schools. Unfortunately, it is necessary to enforce laws to ensure the safety of our children and families. Offenses like child abuse, child defilement, and child neglect are treated seriously. We have implemented preventive actions to stop offenders from causing harm before they can take action.

In order to prevent placing children in potentially harmful situations, background checks are conducted on adoptive parents, foster parents, and individuals working with children. The Child Services Department (CSD) has the authority to remove children from unstable households and take legal action if necessary. Moreover, we enforce limitations that primarily target families as a whole rather than solely focusing on the children. Legislation dedicated to addressing domestic violence ensures that charges are brought against the perpetrator instead of the victim.

Without laws against domestic abuse, the practice of using a stick no larger than one’s thumb to beat one’s wife would still be in place. Furthermore, laws against incest prevent the birth of inbred children. Mandatory immunizations safeguard children from diseases, while compulsory education ensures they do not face setbacks as adults. Our country endeavors to protect us from numerous things and enact laws that discourage immoral behavior.

The need for age restriction laws lies in the inability of minors to be legally bound by contracts. This also helps prevent minors from incurring debts due to their naivete. Furthermore, minors are not allowed to vote as they require adequate preparation to make rational decisions. Crucial traffic laws aim to prevent accidents, with speed limits ensuring that drivers do not accelerate without comprehending the lack of control they have over their vehicles. Laws against driving under the influence are vital as individuals under the influence often fail to recognize the potential severity of the consequences.

There are essential elements like a complex arrangement of lights and signs to guide drivers.
Some laws, although they restrict our freedoms, are crucial for preventing dangerous or life-threatening situations. Our society would be chaotic without these laws and the corresponding consequences for violating them.
Most individuals adhere to laws solely out of fear of punishments rather than genuine agreement. Consequently, without rules and regulations, people would engage in activities such as theft and rape.

The reason people strongly desire freedom is because no one can ever possess complete freedom. Humans desire what they cannot attain. Absolute freedom is unattainable because a lack of consequences would disrupt the harmonious coexistence we require. Even without laws, absolute freedom would still be unattainable due to the constraints imposed on our freedom by fellow citizens.

Despite the limitations on freedom imposed by our government, these restrictions are vital for maintaining civilization. They serve to prevent slavery and prejudices, enabling individuals to freely express their opinions, liberate themselves from oppression, and surpass constraints. It is crucial to acknowledge that both freedom and limitations are equally indispensable since their absence would lead to severe consequences.

Despite recognizing the imperfections of our system, we believe it is the optimal solution given the circumstances; otherwise, society would be engulfed in utter disorder or oppressive governance.

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