How Nazi Rule Changed the Lives of Young Germans

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How did the Nazi rule change the lives of many young people in Germany after 1933? The Nazis affected the lives of the young people in many ways after 1933. The reason for this was to almost brainwash them so that they believed in the Nazi views too. They chose the young people as they would be the next generation and so if the 1000 year plan was to continue they would need the youth to be on their side. Also they spotted that the youth were very impressionable and so easy to turn onto their side.

One way that they tried to get their point across was by creating youth groups such as the Hitler Youth and The league of German maidens. They got so popular that by 1938 75% of youths were in a form of Nazi youth group. The boys would do either very physical activities or orienteering based activities e. G. Map reading. The girls would learn how to be a “good” German housewife by knowing how to cook, clean etc. These youth groups were successful as it was interesting for youths as they were used to more “boring’ groups.

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Also these groups gave the youth a purpose and a uniform which made them feel very important. Another positive for the Nazis was it kept children away from their parent’s so they couldn’t get taught anti-Nazi ideas and were instead drilled with pro-Nazi ideas. Also these groups got children ready for the war with constant army drilling and military style camps; however some children started to get bored as it became so repetitive Another way the Nazis affected the youths was by changing the school curriculum.

For example the lessons that were taught were changed so that they had mostly connections to war or helping the Nazis in some way. Also teachers were normally part of the Nazi party and so brought their views into the classroom. The Jews were often picked on by teachers saying stuff like “What a pity. I hoped for a completely Aryan class. ” Also the textbooks at school were completely rewritten to express Nazi views. They said that the French were the hereditary enemy and all lessons were about ear and about the enemies of Germany.

During the time whilst the textbooks were being re-written the teachers took the lesson completely, this made lessons based on opinion and not as smart as ones with textbooks. The Nazis also monitored and banned what kids were doing with their spare time. For example listening to Jazz was made illegal as Jazz was seen as black music and therefore wrong. Some underground youth groups were made they would go and listen to Jazz and do other taboo activities. How Nazi Rule Changed the Lives of Young Germans after 1933 By Brandishing

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