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W. E. B Du Bois stated “The problem with the twentieth century is the problem of the color line…” I always wanted to know how other race feel when they first meet me or when they see me. Like I ask myself all the time why do people look at me like they do? Why does it always feel like someone always has to say something under their breath when I walk in the room? People are quick to judge you and make assumptions about you when they are not true. God made me, just as well as you, in his image regardless of how others may feel.

I’m not going to change my personality for how people want me to act, that won’t be me I would be considered fake. I’m a unique individual I act my own way and how I was brought up to be. I have sense of humor, I’m a people’s person, I get along with most people, and I speak my mind and tell other what and how I feel. On Psych Central, people see me as fresh, lively, charming, amusing, practical, and always interesting (1). I love holding conversations with people no matter what race they are and I get to know them and get to learn who they are on the inside then what they are on the out.

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I love to joke around and talk a lot of stuff because it is funny and what really makes it fun is people don’t get mad and take it the wrong way. I set myself around positive people because I don’t have time to be mad and serious all of the time. I feel like if you’re mad at something then learn to forgive you might not forget but look past the little things and chase after your dreams and be successful. I have learned to let go and live life freely because you only have one life to live so make it useful instead of useless.

Another on Psych Central is people see me as the type of person who’s constantly the center of attention, but sufficiently well-balanced not to let it go to my head (2). Like how I look, I get attention every were I go I can’t help it. I do feel that people get intimidated and offended by me. I don’t know why but they just do. I say this because whenever I walk in a crowded place with different race, I get a not so pleasant feeling and looks from people. I just push that to the side, walk with confidence and could care less of how others feel. Another way I get attention is my sense of style.

I get a lot of compliments on how my hair is done or whatever outfit or accessories I am wearing. I appreciate those and take it as if I’m doing something right in life by being an outcast and not blending in. Not being racist I just like to look different than other people including my race. Other races tend to look at how I look and think it is weird how I dress or how my hair looks. I think it’s because it’s something they have never seen before or it’s something that is not normal to them. This is something that people are going to have to get use to because this is me and this is a free country to express how you feel.

Also on Psych Central, people see me as kind, considerate, and understanding someone who’ll always cheer them up and help them out (3). I get a lot of people coming up to me for advice and suggestions and I love it. I answer them honestly and keep it real with them, the truth hurts but I’m willing to tell them straight up, like it is, and keep it one-hundred whatever the situation is. Give the person two sides of the story, the good and the bad, so that they can make the decision up for themselves. I’m an understanding and caring person to most, people love to get to know me for who I am as I love to get to know them as well.

I get a lot of people that try to test me because a lot of people think I’m just beauty with no smarts. What’s funny is that I have beauty and brains I’m smart and I love proving people wrong. I know a lot of other race see blacks as uneducated and don’t know anything. Most people today, like myself, are smart enough and educated enough to know that intelligence has nothing to do with skin color. For the most part, people fail to realize that there is more to a person to what they see on the outside of the person, the cover of the book, than getting to know the descriptive inside of a person, the pages of the book.

People perceive people for many reasons, some of it’s from personal experience and some is just observation. To me, I think people see who we are, as we want them to see us. But most people see you for who you are based off first impression. People tend to see me different than the way I see myself. I don’t think others perceive me the same way that I see myself, it’s so different but so true and I think it have a lot to with because I’m black. In the end I will always have respect for people and not treat them differently or judge them by the way they look or by the color of one’s skin.

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