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Annoying People and Negative People  

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  • Pages 2
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    Annoying People

                Annoying is the act of intimidation the other to a point of making him anger by doing something one does not like. In such circumstance, one becomes very annoyed with the way either he has been treated by the other. This may occur intentionally or unintentionally. This paper will discuss annoying people in three perspectives that include: negative people, rude people and over achievers.

    Negative People

                Negative people are those people who always criticize someone on the negative side. For example, someone instead of praising someone for achieving a good grade in class, he just comments on other issues that are negative and fail to comment on the good grade. This person end up annoying the other since, instead of commenting on the good grade in class, he comments on something else he had done wrong like not being smart always.

    Rude People

                Rude people are those people who just answer a questions not the way he has been asked but the way he feels like answering it. For instance one might enter a class and ask his colleague who might have taken his textbook and the answer he receives is ‘am I your watchman’. In such circumstance, this kind of answer annoys someone since you expected a good answer but you are just being answered anyhow.

    Over Achievers

                Over achievers are those people who annoy someone by expecting too much from an individual. These individuals expect someone too achieve a goal which might not be realistic. For instant, a parent might expect his child to achieve a grade A where else the child has at least tried by being the best in class by scoring a grade B and instead of congratulating the child, you tell the child to do better.


                A far as annoying people is concerned, I limited my selection on the people is concerned since I regard them as annoying people who inflicts a lot of pain to an individual thereby making them angry.


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