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Neat People vs Sloppy People Essays

The writer in this essay describes the difference between Neat People and Sloppy people, and how their attitudes toward things every where. However, sloppy people are usually messy and they can’t get things done because of their sloppiness and they save everything, planning someday to file, order, and straighten out the world. But while these ambitious plans take clearer and clearer shape in their heads. But, neat people as the writer “Suzanne Britt” says that the only thing messy in a neat person’s house is the trashcan.
Neat people are bums and clods at heart and they have all their ideas in place making the thought process more simply. Therefore, the writer gave examples of a lot experiences of each kind of neat or sloppy people. Reaction: The author gives her definition of neat people and sloppy people. And she talks about how neat people care more about the results than the process itself. Also how wasteful and insensitive they are.
But, I think that these definitions convey a sense of irony because we tend to believe just the opposite of neat and sloppy people in real life. Some people would prefer to not be that one of the neat people cause they prefer to enjoy their life and also the author and her writing made the essay more interesting in each paragraph and she went through a lot of details and the experiences that every one go through every day. However, she didn’t make it that perfect sentences and matching in order but she knew how to get it in the readers mind.

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