Neat People vs Sloppy People

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In this essay, the writer discusses the differences between neat and sloppy people and how they approach their surroundings. Sloppy people tend to be disorganized and save everything, while neat people prioritize cleanliness and have their ideas in place. The author provides examples to illustrate her points and suggests that the definitions of neat and sloppy people are ironic because they differ from common beliefs. The author’s writing style is detailed and interesting, although her sentences may not always be perfect.

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In this essay, the writer discusses the distinction between Neat People and Sloppy people, focusing on their attitudes towards belongings. Sloppy people tend to be disorderly and struggle to complete tasks due to their lack of organization. They have a tendency to hoard items with the intention of eventually sorting, arranging, and tidying everything up. However, these plans often remain only in their minds. On the other hand, according to Suzanne Britt, neat people have a clean and organized home, with the exception of the trashcan which may be messy.

Neat individuals, although bums and clods at heart, possess a streamlined thought process with well-organized ideas. The writer supports this notion by providing various experiences exemplifying both neat and sloppy types of individuals. In reaction, the author defines neat and sloppy individuals, highlighting how the former prioritize outcomes over the actual process, often displaying wastefulness and insensitivity.

However, I believe that these definitions express irony, as our perception of neat and sloppy people is often the opposite in reality. Some individuals may prefer not to be categorized as “neat” as they prioritize enjoying life. Furthermore, the author enhanced the essay’s appeal by providing detailed accounts of everyday experiences. Although the author did not focus on crafting perfect sentences or maintaining a specific structure, she effectively captured the attention of readers.

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