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How Segregation in America affects Minorities

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    In the article “Why America is Segregating”, the author, Danah Boyd, argues that America is becoming a nation of self-contained identity groups rather than a more diverse nation. Boyd states that college life for students is a big talking point of segregation in America when students are living with roommates. Boyd also believes that self-segregating on elite college campuses, undermines a student’s potential while also helping shatter the diversity of the broader social fabric. She explains that diversity is highly desirable. But still to this day, diversity is still hard and uncomfortable for diverse humans. And Boyd reasons that America is taking diverse cultures and making them into self-contained identity groups. She also points out that if America wants to have a healthy democracy, we need a diverse and connected social fabric. There are other authors that agree with Boyd who have the same point of view. In the article “Minority Students Clubs: Segregation or Integration?”, the author, Gabriela Moro, argues that college campuses in the US are implementing minority student clubs for a safe environment for minority students to interact with people with similar background.

    Moro writes how implementing minority students club could be a good or bad thing for students of different cultures. She insist that minority clubs for students from different cultures could be a way of students interacting with new people but a bad thing that could happen is that minority students could be separated from the rest of the students. Another author that agrees that America is segregating. In the article “Why Rural America Voted for Trump”, the author, Robert Leonard, states that conservative values and social economics conditions led to a major spike in votes for Trump , a figure that is hated by the minority camps ,that came from people that resides from Rural America. Leonard writes that Republicans think that Democrats view of the country will ruin the country.

    As a minority, the way the country is being run with all the segregation and college campus implementing minority student clubs is not a good way to move forward. Many Republicans voted for Trump so that country could be run without all deep and sensible views that democrats have these days. Minorities believe that Trump’s presidency could lead to their rights being stripped away from them. I believe that implementing minority student clubs on college campuses for students from similar background is a terrible way to for America to move forward. Instead of moving away from segregation, it feels like we’re running towards it. I believe that segregation has increased in America lately due to Trump’s rise to the presidency and his rise to power has started to affect minorities in their everyday lives.

    As college campuses increase in minority students, Colleges have begun to segregate minority students in interacting with other students. Moro asserts, “ Several studies as well as interviews with students suggest that minority clubs exacerbate student’s inclination to self-segregate”. In other words, students were interviewed to share that minority clubs are there to basically separate minorities from other students from interacting with each other. I agree with Moro and believe that minorities shouldn’t be separated from other students in interaction. Even in Europe and Asia, we don’t segregation like we do in America. Society in America is very toxic, especially with social media active in today’s age.

    Segregation has always affected America in all of its history , but due to today’s technological innovations, Americansa are now being influenced to oppose to minorities. Boyd asserts, “Today, those dreamers find it quite unsettling to watch as the tools that were designed to bring people together are used by people to magnify divisions and undermine social solidarity”. In other words, Boyd states that tools like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc, that were once designed as a platform to bring together socially, are now used to attack people of different cultures and separates even more our country. In today’s age, Social media has influenced many Americans into turning against minorities and their rights. Martin Luther King once got arrested and thrown into jail for protesting and fighting for our rights, but with Trump’s presidency, all his hard work feels undone. I feel that social media hasn’t helped with the idea of fighting for minorities and their voice. Mark Zuckeberg believed that Facebook should be used for bringing communities together but people took his creation and turned into a war zone for any human being from a different culture.

    Many Rural Americans voted for Trump due to believing that democrats are going to ruin our country and its one of the causes of segregation. Leonard asserts, “ The difference between Republicans and Democrats is that Republicans believe people are fundamentally bad , while Democrats see people as fundamentally good” (Leonard 280). In other words, Many Rural Americans believe that Democrats will ruin the country politically and economically. I don’t agree with many rural american’s belief because I feel that it will separate America as a society with Rural Americans being Republicans and Minorities being Democrats in order to protect their rights. Leonard states, “They also think the liberal worldview creates unnecessary rules and regulations that cripple the economy and take away good jobs that may belong to them or their neighbor”.

    Many Rural Americans believe that Democrats would destroy the country with unnecessary regulations and increased taxes. I disagree with Rural Americans because I feel that when Democrats take the presidency, it will be more equal for everybody in America. Democrats believe the way the do because the think people can be always good and believe that everybody is the same. Segregation will continue to exist if Trump’s presidency isn’t gone, which means a Democratic candidate has to step up. College campuses have been implementing minority student clubs as a way to make students with similar background, interacting with each other rather than taking those clubs down and let students interact with each other, even if they’re not from the same background.

    Our country’s past has shown that segregation has always been a part of our country’s history. I believe that we can fight segregation if we start seeing people has equal. Segregation has benefited no one in the country and that’s why when Obama was in the Oval Office, he implemented things such as free health insurance for people who can’t afford it. Obama basically gave equal rights to everybody living in America. I think moving forward, our country has to acknowledge what has happened before and to continue forward, we need to see everybody as equals and support each other as a nation. Overall, Minorities are being affected because they are basically not allowed to interact with other communities within their campus and especially in Rural America, Minorities would not take well with the idea that they don’t have the same amount of authority or voice in this side of the country. I think if we start with dissolving the minority student clubs on college campuses and then we move on by electing a democratic president. If we follow this plan, Segregation will be demolished in the future for the growth of America.

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