How Social Media Perpetuates Negative Stereotypes

It is known that both positive and negative stereotypes exist in the media and it impacts our nation, Social media such as internet sites, comedy television and news channels portray negative stereotypical images, which promote racial tension and ethnic relations within American society, Mostly all of the internet and social networking sites depict negative stereotypical images and it advertises racism in our society Social networks such as Facebook, TWitter and YouTube all seem to degrade other races in a discouraging way. Videos of random people on YouTube use profane language towards African Americans, Mexicans and more. Twrtters are created iust to bully other races. Just recently, Facebook refused to remove a picture that portrayed a monkey as a black kid. The picture shows a monkey right next to a white baby with a disturbing caption; “Stop racism: Black children and White children are the Same.” Facebook believed that it didn‘t Violate the community standard on hate speech so they felt no need to delete it.

It proves that social networking siIes truly don’t follow their “sIrict policies.” It was obviously offensive to the black community. and probably many more. II becomes clearer that major social networking sites are promoting racial tension within our nation. The comedy channels outline negative stereotypes because they talk harshly towards other races, sexualities, etc. Shows such as South Park and Jersey Shore make some of the worst prejudice comments on national televrsion, In South Park, many of the characters overuse the words “homo” and “fag.” These three and four-lettered words can have the biggest impact on homosexuals in our society.

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There have been times where the show has mimicked the White Imperialism and so on. The language the writer uses in the show promotes racism to whoever is watching, whether it’s an 8-year-old or a 50-year-old Now on the other hand, Jersey Shore gives a bad reputation for most Italians. It just shows young “Italians” going out to club and get wasted every night, in reality, no Italian truly does that. The showiest gives people the wrong idea and it makes everyone Judge Italians and New Jersey, Being compared to the stars in that show is actually quite offensive to them. These shows are encouraging bad behavior to people of all ages and it promotes stereotyping and racism within our country, News channels interpret the breaking news to make it sound as if the African Americans are always the ones at fault, which promotes racism in our society. News channels such as Fox News, Turn to 10, CBS News and ABC News are the channels With the world Wide news. Recently, Turn to 10 discussed how a black man robbed a bank in Providence, RI.

They were Jumping to conclusions and accused a black man of committing the crime, even though there wasn’t much evidence given at the time. In other news, a Mexican man was accused of killing his 9-year-old son with a hatchet, A black man was the alleged gunman in a Las Vegas shooting where three people were found dead. We assume that the black or Mexican guy is found guilty when there’s no evidence at the moment. It‘s made clear that the news channels are endorsing racism by always shoWing crimes Where all but White people are found guilty. Social networking sites, comedy television and news channels all depict a negative attitude towards stereotypes and racism and it increases racial tension and ethnic relations Within our society. All types of racism are existent in social media, whether it has to do With religion, sexuality, race, size, gender, age, etc.

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