How to Write a Good Scientific Paper

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Scientific writing:

Scientific paper may be a written and publish the report that describe original analysis report and interpret their results. It’s not completed till the result nail down and revealed. It helps to understood the ultimate results of the experiments.

Purpose of scientific paper:

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  • The purpose of scientific paper is to convey the new scientific experiments.
  • It may be a straightforward approach and well order communication to produce new scientific findings.
  • It’s simply conveyed the concept of someone to the reader.

Basic criteria of excellent scientific paper:

  • It ought to be address vital downside, ought to be relevant and have timelines.
  • There ought to be a simple and logical and clear literary genre.
  • The study style ought to be applicable and comprehensive.
  • It ought to be thoughtful, focus and up to this point in reference to the literature review.
  • It ought to offer the big sample, offer the right valid reason to just accept and reject pepper.

Basic reason of the rejection of the scientific paper or writing.

  •  inappropriate, incomplete, or insufficiently delineate statistics
  •  over‐interpretation of results.
  •  use of inappropriate, or insufficiently delineate populations or instruments
  •  small or biased samples
  •  content that’s poorly

why will we have to be compelled to scientific paper:

  •  to keep the record of all scientific experiments.
  •  To flow into, and covey the information to each person.
  •  Basic technique of scientific paper:
  1.  Having some worthy results and ideas to publish. you would like some new results to publish and you would like to be able to interpret them.
  2.  Getting the correct content & expressions within the right place.
  3.  Choosing the fewest and most applicable words mistreatment most the foundations of descriptive linguistics.

Important step of scientific paper:

  • Choose the subject
  • Find info
  • State your hypothesis
  • Make a brief define
  • Organize your thoughts
  • Write down your draft
  • Revise your draft
  •  Type your final draft

Choose the topic:

Is important} and significant step in your analysis paper. There ought to buy analysis accessible on this subject. contemporary opinion is mentioned duringthis toi. it’s associated with your analysis. Topic ought to be relevant. It oughtto be associatedwith your analysis. invariably choose fascinating topic.

Find information:

Critical reviewed, scan and assess, save supply of connected info. mistreatment search engines, library, national digital library, you’ll be able to scan books and journals. Electronic sources are largely used that retrieving info. 2 basic sources are:

  • Database
  • electronic

State your hypothesis:

Try to write your thesis into single statement that is main portion and support your all writing. A hypothesis states your predictions concerning what your analysis can realize. it’s a tentative answer to your analysis question that has been tested.

Make a brief outline:

It helps you to know your whole topic. Organize it before it starts. Once you’ve collected all of your analysis, scan it completely, take notes and highlight the vital purpose. categorize into basic topic.

Write down your draft:

  • Writing ought to be drained your own words giving specific pattern.
  • organize it once literature review, it ought to be associated with the subject.
  • choose the clear topic from literature and organize it. this is often rough draft.

Revise your draft:

It includes:

  • Is my thesis elliptical and clear?
  •  Did it follow define and missing anything?
  •  Is it plagiarize? Did it have corrected source?
  • Is Topic associated with the central idea?
  • Any needless and repetition word?
  • Any orthography and grammatically error?
  • Then set up it.

It ought to be mentioned with clarity and brevity, objective ought to be met, vital details ought to run. make sure that every paragraph has a subject sentence and single subject.

Thefirst, andpossibly thesole issue thatthemajority folks can scan out. It includes your cluster sample. The sensible title consists of the fewest word that describes the full paper. If title is poor, the paper can less scan out. it ought to be a particular in keeping with analysis and experiment. It ought to be elliptical and informative. Easily comprehensible.

It consists basic better known and background info. Unknown info additionally a part of the introduction. Hypothesis, queries and purpose statement, it consists basic purpose, resolution and describe our approach.

Result is that the main a part of any analysis or writing. It has to be clean and easy. Summarize the findings in a very logically and orderly sequence. Easy to know for the readers, categorical all major points. Result is within the kind of tables, graphs and figures that is foundation of your analysis it reveals your complete work. Use less figures and graphs, don’t be represent and equivalent information in each form.

It is difficult to jot down discussion; it fully shows the ascertained reality. It describes short festivals and conclusion of your complete work. Conclusion add in clear kind and summarize your proof. It shows what the limit of your study

It’s commonplace approach and supply from wherever concepts and knowledge soak up your operating. All reference should be added within the finish of the scientific writing. Any paper that isn’t cited not be added in reference list. Reader is investigated larger information from reference list. Cite solely 20-35 reference class assignment plays a major role in learning process. In this teacher assign the topic to the student on which they search out. It is a sort of self-study which replace the classroom teaching. The effectiveness of the assignment depends upon the how independently student search the topic and read out the literature. Assignment raise the interest of student and make them active. It should be short, related to the topic and clear all your questions. Teacher and student both should take the part in assignment activities. It should be well written while there is no proper format of class assignment.

it is a type of assignment, students of post-graduate involved in this. Case study is a form of qualitative descriptive research that is look at individual which emphasizes the detail context of particular topic. It is a depth study of particular situation. It focuses on “why” and “how” questions. Through case study researcher can closely examine the data within a specific context. It gives some indications and allow further elaboration and hypothesis creation on a subject. Case study help researcher make the difference btw knowing how, when, and why to do it.

It is basically a proposal; it decides a path for research. Seeking back in literature and synthesizing with future. Synopsis must have following headings;

Title of the synopsis should reflect the objective of the study. It must be written after the whole synopsis has been written so that it is true representative of the plan. Introduction contain brief background of the selected topic. It shows importance, application and results of your experiment. It must clear and simple. Synopsis basically done for permission the student, then they consult with his/her supervisor and prepare their synopsis. Every institute has their own synopsis format. Synopsis always end with literature mentioned.

Thesis mostly required for postgraduate degree. Master laver students and doctorates give their thesis which is based upon survey and field work. Thesis always according to the synopsis. Supervisors give the guidance for thesis; every institute have their specific format according which thesis submitted. Supervisory committee give the certificate of the thesis which is title page of any thesis. It includes;

Researcher of the particular field write their paper according to their experiment. Scientific paper has their particular format. Each journal has their specific format which must be followed otherwise paper submitted will be disallowed.

Different research organization conduct their research inside country or outdoor the country in different field such as physics, chemistry, biology, biotechnology, agricultural, IT, medical, math etc. grants also given to them for continue their research, experiments and surveys. Different national and international agencies donate the grant such as HEC, Development board and UNDP Islamabad, FAO Islamabad etc. they give the funds for research purpose. Every agency has their special format for research application. They give funds according to objectives and budget of work related to their research. Experienced person prepares such proposals and collect the fund from donor agencies and provide to the research committee.

Popular article writes in such language and form that can be easily understandable for the people who relate to this subject and field. These are publishing in different newspaper, magazines, professional write these articles in newspaper on daily and weekly basis. Experts write their articles to convey information, must be related to public interest. They informed to the public about new research in particular field such as health, environment, technology and nutrition etc. there is no specific format for this article but it should be simple and clear form of message so that every reader can understand easily.

Internship is most important in many fields and many institutes and commonly done in final year. The students go in industries, firms, organizations and hospitals for the practice of the professional life. The final report of the practical work submits in universities. There is no particular format of internship writing because every student work in different environment on different mission. It commonly includes:

Seminars are simply group of people coming together for the discussion & learning of specific practices & topics. The aim of seminar just to increase the confidence and oral & speaking skills of the students. Students prepare their topic and convey their ideas in oral presentation, face the viewers give the answer of the questions. There is no specific format of seminar but it must be related to the title, should have lab and field report. It must be simple, interesting and understandable for the audience.

It enables the students to gain experience in self-evaluation & in other. Student asses on the basis of their knowledge, answer question session and his method of presentation.

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