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Scientific name – Kingdom- Protista, Phylum- Saccoina, Class- Rhizopodea, Order- Amoebida, Family- NA, Genus- Ameba, Species- proteusDescription – Amebas are one of the simplest being with carnal features. They consist of a individual cell that is merely about one hundredth of an inch long and it can merely be seen through a microscope. The amoeba ’ s organic structure is amorphous and is a jelly similar mass of stuff called living substance. Its cytol is crystalline. The cardinal country is called the endoplasm and it contains the karyon. The endoplasm besides contains contractile vacuoles, which look like clear bubbles. They move by ameboid gesture. Which is where the amoeba expands and contracts it pseudopodia, or bumps in the amoeba ’ s organic structure, in regular intervals. The remainder of the organic structure

flows with the pseudopodia.Habitat – Ameba live in most types of fresh H2O beginnings such as pools, lakes, and watercourses. Plus sometimes they can populate in damp dirt. They can besides populate in dry status by with pulling into a midst walled crystal, which it forms around its self.Life rhythm – Amebas reproduce when they are full grown. They do this by holding their karyon and living substance divide in to two girl cells. The amoeba can besides populate as long a two hours without a karyon. Importance – The amoeba is on top of microscopic nutrient concatenation so they eat smaller workss and animate beings or larger 1s atoms. They eat by environing their nutrient with their pseudopodia. Then the nutrient is absorbed through the cell wall of the ameba.Bibliography – Charles B. Clauman, “Planet Ameba” ( 28-Mar-98 )

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