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The outline and the content differ in every essay. It depends on the topic, target audience, size of the paper, and other factors, but the main rules, tips for writing as well as basic structure are always the same. In this article the topic how to write essay – “Importance of Education” will serve as an example to show you how to prepare the essay – outline. Here you can learn the key ideas which may help you write articles on any theme.

What to Write in the Main Body

The main body is the core of the whole composition. You need to pay attention to the content which is included there. While writing about the importance of studying, the author should enumerate the main reasons and mention the examples. The instances can be either of personal life or general ones.

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The topic about the significance of education is a broad one. You can talk about studying at university or be more specific. It is a good idea if you mention the positive features of each level of the educational stage: kindergartens, schools, universities. You can select two or three reasons for explaining the utmost importance of studying at each level. This will show that the writer develops the topic from various aspects.

You can also focus your reasons for the advantages of studying on one aspect. For example, write about the significance of learning new subjects for personal development. You can enumerate features of character and skills that a person gets from attending classes. Discuss and compare people who haven’t studied at the higher educational institutions and those that have Master’s degrees. It’ll be great if you prove your statements with realistic examples.

Importance of Education Essay Outline

You need to complete preparation stage which includes writing an outline before the actual beginning of work. Structuring the paper beforehand helps the writer focus on one idea and emotional message. If you have a clear plan, it’ll be much easier to prepare the whole work. Examine the following sample with the explained outline. You can use this scheme of the plan for your future works.


  1. Hook sentence. The definition of education
  2. Developing the topic. How different people understand the word “education.”
  3. Thesis statement. People develop interpersonal communication skills and get fresh ideas about different professional skills.

Thinking about education, the words like school, university, lessons spring up to mind. And it is no wonder because these are the indispensable parts of studying. However, in our quickly developing world, this word has gained other synonyms: online education, courses, self-education, ebooks. The educational world is changing, but its objective remains the same no matter which learning methods prevail. By gaining education people improve interpersonal communication skills, and get fresh ideas about the surrounding world.

Do – Make your introductory paragraph short and precise. Readers need to get the overall idea of what you are going to prove from the very beginning.
Do Not – Make your thesis very broad and short. It can be a long sentence, where you enumerate the main statements.

Main Body

  1. Paragraph 1.
    Topic sentence: At the universities, people learn how to lead discussions.
    Example: People with university diplomas are good at negotiating.
  2. Paragraph 2.
    Topic sentence: Students are well-rounded because they learn interesting facts about the most important subjects.
    Example: Each university has obligatory courses which help people broaden their mind.

Educational institutions exist not only to teach some theoretical material but help students learn how to analyze and discuss different viewpoints. Lots of tasks include working in pairs or groups. It is how people can practice working with others. Such communication skills are vital for professional development. For example, those people who have experience of doing projects at universities in a group are more effective in negotiating. Comparing ideas, evaluating, contrasting, finding compromises in a polite way are the results of effective education.

Another significance of studying is that it allows people to become well-rounded. No matter which specialization one has, general subjects are obligatory. This advantage is especially noticeable at schools where pupils don’t choose a scientific direction for further studying. Children get the basic understanding of each subject. It doesn’t only help them know what’s what but gives them hints about which future professional career to choose.

Do –  Add relevant examples which can prove your main statement.
Do Not – Change your opinion or doubt your tentative objective mentioned at the beginning.


  1. Restating the thesis. Studying is important for each person.
  2. Thought-provoking last sentence. People need to continue studying the whole life.

Education is significant for personal development. It makes people well-informed and well-rounded. With a proper education one can become successful in any professional sphere. It is important to understand that education is not only connected with universities and schools. People have to continue learning something new every day and get inspiration from education during the whole life.

Do – Refer to the introduction where you have mentioned the tentative objective.
Do Not – Make the conclusion long and tedious.

After you have read this article, you can easily prepare an essay on different topics. Bear in mind the mentioned above tips which are explained for each structural part of the paper. All you need is practicing. The more you write, the better the result is. Pay attention to the teacher’s feedback to improve the final result. You’ll see that preparing an essay can be even a very exciting task!

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