The Importance Of a College Education

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An education is most powerful weapon you can use to change the world. An education is a very important part of everyone life in my opinion. Some may not take advantage of it but it will take you a long way in life.   Furthering your education may help you to develop greater career employment,  (Martin ‘6 Reasons Why Graduate School Pays Off’ 2012)

With a Master’s Degree you have a better change of get the job that you want. If an employer see that you have went to college and got a Master’s Degree they will look closer at your application. A Master’s Degree will also get a higher earning potential, it is true that money make the world turn. Obtaining a Master’s Degree offers you so much versatility in your professional life because it makes you so much more marketable. Being able to market yourself efficiently is that separate successful individuals from unsuccessful individuals. A person with a Master’s Degree makes $17,000 more annually than a person with a Bachelor’s Degree.  (TOP 10 REASONS TO EARN YOUR MASTER’S DEGREE)

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On average, according to a Georgetown report, college graduates (those with a Bachelor’s) make 84 percent more over a lifetime than those who have earned only a high school diploma. According to National Center for Education Statistics, 72 percent of young adults (aged 25-34) who earn a Bachelor’s degree work full time, year-round in 2013. According to that same reporter, young adults with undergraduate’s degrees versus young adults with only a high school education made more than twice as much money. He average Bachelor’s degree salary is $48,500 compared to $23,900. Pascale report that the salary for a professional Engineer-$101,000, Computer Science-$69,100, Dental Hygiene-$65, 800, Mathematics-$58,800, Nursing-$56,600, Finance-$55,700, Management-$54,200.  (What is a Bachelor’s Degree?)

By earning an Associate degree, you’re increasing the number of job available to you by 134 percent. The BLS reports that the median earning in 2015 increased by $120 per week for those with an Associate’s degree compared to those with a high school diploma. This additional $120 may seem miniscule on the surface, but those numbers add up fast. Those extra earnings mean an Associate’s degree could increase your annual income by $6,240! Many Associate’s degrees open variety of doors to new career opportunities. More options mean you’ll have a better chance of finding a career that’s a great fit for you.  (Brooks ‘Rasmussen College’ 2016)

My counterclaim deals with students who never finished college or never attend at all. They later in life became very successful and very rich entrepreneurs. Steve Jobs is the co-founder of Apple Computers. When Jobs was young he was given up for adoption and later adopted. As a boy Jobs and his father worked on electronics. His father taught him how to take apart and repair numerous electronics in their family garage. While he was still in elementary, school administrators attempted to skip him ahead to high school, but his parents did not allow this to happen. After graduating high school Jobs enrolled in college at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. After six months he dropped out.  In 1976, Jobs and a friend of his me met in high school “Steve Wozniah’ started Apple Computer. The company was started in the same garage where Jobs learned about electronics from his father. From this simple start they built Apple into the second largest music retainer in America.  (Biography, 2018)

Also, there is Robert Stephens which while attending the University of Minnesota Stephens used his hobby of repairing computers to help pay for college. Word quickly spread around the Twin Cities of his ability to repair computers. In 1994, while only 24 years old Stephens started his company “Geek Squad.’ His simple start has blossomed into a multi-state computer. After securing a contract with Best Buy the computer company really flourished. He is now Best Buy Chief Technology Officer.

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