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Human resources management short essay

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Q1. Human resources management is marked with the functions of recruiting, training, engaging, and retaining a strong workforce for the sustainable realization of the mission and objectives of the organization (Armstrong, 2006). Of these functions of human resource management, retention of a strong workforce is the most important function. This is because it serves to ensure that the organization is well equipped with reliable employees who are committed to achieve its goals.

In addition, retention saves the organization the costs of recruiting and training new employees while strengthening the reputation of the organization in the public.

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Human resources management short
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Q2. Diversity is important at workplace in that it encourages innovations given the diverse approaches to resolving problems for the success of the organization brought by the workforce with different skills and experiences (Green, 2009). Another advantage of diversity is that it promotes the process of recruiting, evaluating and retaining the best workforce in the company.

To realize diversity at workplace, an organization should implement reliable policies of mitigating employment discrimination.

HRM is involved in the area of diversity by its role in understanding and addressing individual employee needs and creating a uniform organizational culture to insure positive interactions among workers (Green, 2009). Q3. Human resource management can oversee the overall success of the organization through effective employee engagement practice.

It is worthy noting that the success of an organization is solely dependent on the level of employee commitment towards realization of the company mission and objective. Another way of ensuring success of the organization by HRM is that it oversees the recruitment of reliable workforce for addressing its problems to ensure success in its operations as well as developing operating practices for promoting accountability of staff (Hendry, 1995). Just to be appreciated is the fact that human resource is the most important resource in an organization thus making human resource management quite vital in an organization.

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