Humans are worth saving

Caoimhe Gillin

The world is a crazy place and has evolved from so little, into a gigantic world. This world is full of amazing technology, the works of creative minds, and good people. If anything we should be spared by aliens because of the huge milestones the human race has embarked on. Though coming together and inventing the things we have today, the human race has changed planet Earth in a unique way. Although humans are susceptible to make mistakes, I believe that mankind is fully developed and has learnt from history.

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The most dramatically amazing effect of the human race would be technology. If you look back over a 100 years ago when the only thing around was a telephone and not a very capable one, and you take a look now, we are connected to every kind of technology. Cars have completely changed due to technology. During the course of 100 years, vehicles have changed in a quite dramatic way. From those old, classic looking cars, to new and fast cars that are made so precisely. Back in the day, 20 mph was the fastest speed any car could go. Now, 200 MPH is a very fast speed and that’s quite a transition. Bicycles have also made a huge advancement. Instead of just the basic bike used for simply getting around faster than walking, you have all kinds of bikes including BMX, mountain, and dirt bikes used for many great things.

“Started from the bottom, now we here” a song by rapper Drake encompasses the idea that humans really came from nowhere, a place with no electricity but now we are capable of going to different planets and doing fantastic things with medicine. The internet is a defining factor of this decade because of how more associated this generation is with technology than any other. Through many websites and apps the world is a different and more connected place. That would not be the case without human’s inventing many different types of ways to communicate with the internet.

Aliens should save us because of the amazing art humans have created. Timeless pieces like the Mona Lisa portrays a sneaky smile of an anonymous woman crafted during the lifetime of Leonardo Da Vinci which truly shows the power of art. Music is also a huge part of why humans are so extraordinary. Music connects people together through happiness and song, a simple song can unite people in an unexplainable way. I have met many people on the internet from liking a band which combines technology and music which is very next level. Another huge thing that humans have done are the gigantic buildings created many years ago that still stand tall, even without technology they were able to create masterpieces. An example is St Paul’s cathedral which a revolutionary building made in England in the 17th century and still stands tall in London.

From classic paintings to elaborate buildings, the human race has definitely done amazing things artistically and also changed the world in a positive way. So many good people have come from the human race who have advanced the way we think. Just to name a few, Martin Luther King Jr., Steve Jobs, and the Beatles are some people that changed the world in a major way. Martin Luther King Jr. is a man who changed how every African Americans lives to this day. King was one of the world’s most respected speakers and convinced millions of people how African American have rights and are the same as white people through his “I had a dream” speech. Another great individual is Steve Jobs who changed technology and the way people use computers forever. Over 73 Million people in the US alone own iPhones. The best phone in the world would not be available without Steve Jobs. Lastly the Beatles are a very important group of people who shaped how bands are to this day.

They took over the world with their sensational voices and powerful songs. Every single band is impacted by the Beatles in one way or another. Clearly, the people in the human race are huge reasons why it’s very important that it continues to strive. Overall, the human race has done incredible, groundbreaking things that only could have happened on Earth. If any kind of race should be spared it is the humans. Through the amazing accomplishments humans have survived I think that we will only get better with time. The internet completely switched the game of the human race up in a matter of years which no other race could have accomplished. Aliens should definitely save the human race because we are unlike anything else the world has seen and just in a few short hundred years so many spectacular things have been created.

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