Adventure English: Experiences with Face-Saving

Part 1 - Adventure English: Experiences with Face-Saving introduction. How did Jackie Wong establish a relationship with Cory Wright and the Adventure English company? How does this relate to the notion of face? Principal Jenny Chan that knew Jackie Wong had recommended the Adventure English Company to Jackie Wong. She had guided a school from their region to the Adventure English Company. She said their children were very happy. And that they made a very safe and valuable trip for them. This relates to the notion of face through the recommendation of Jenny Chan that was happy and that the children were happy. It was of truth that she had experienced already.

How do you think Cory Wright’s use of humor was perceived by Jackie Wong after a request was made that the children be taken care of well? Well here in the U. S humor as like that may have came across a funny or that everything is good that they haven’t loss a child yet. But by Cory saying this to a person from another country can come across as rude, or insulting I think that Cory should have been more considerate by saying maybe they put the children’s safety first and reassured Jackie that everything was going to be good. Part 2. What expectations do you think the Taiwan group leaders had for being greeted the airport?

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Do you think they felt the airport and transportation arrangements were respectful? Why? I’m not sure their expectations may have been, but they may have expected for someone to be there from the company to greet them. I do not think that the arrangements were respectful, because I think that Judy Anderson should have been at the airport for their arrival to greet them since she is the program leader for Adventure English. How did Robin Phillips present gifts to and accept gifts from members of the Taiwan group? In what ways was this different from the Chinese approach? Why do you think Superintendent Li may have felt a loss of face?

Robin Phillips presented the gifts to members of the Taiwan group differently than the Taiwan group did. Phillips gave to the students first as to the Taiwan group gave gifts to highest of position first to the lowest. Superintendent Li may have felt a loss of face, because Phillips had embarrassed him in front of everyone. And the force of having to open the gift of right there, right now it was not in their custom. Part 3. Do you think Jackie Wong’s apology was based on a feeling that Jackie had done something wrong? Why? How do you think Robin Phillips interpreted the apology? Why?

No I don’t think that Jackie Wong’s apology was based on a feeling that he had done something wrong. It is due to the lost of face he was trying to avoid confrontation with Robin Phillips so he was being apologetic. Robin Phillips interpreted the apology as if there was a problem that needed to be dealt with. He wanted the group to have their needs met. Why didn’t Superintendent Li voice her concerns when Robin Phillips approached her? Superintendent Li may not have voiced her concerns when Robin Phillips approached her. Because in this culture they try to avoid any confrontation. I also feel that Robin Phillips was to up front and forward.

This had caused Superintendent to lose face with Phillips. Epilogue: Part 4. Why do you think Jackie Wong and Superintendent Li would not return phone calls or other communications? They were not returning phone calls or other communications do to Jackie and Li had lost-face with Robin Phillips do to the embarrassment, changes of activities, and lack of respect that they had received on their trip. Do you think Jenny Chan lost face? Why? What effects might this have on Adventure English? Yes I think that Jenny Chan lost face with the Adventure English because she had recommended them to Jackie Wong and for them to have had a bad experience.

It was an insult and an embarrassment to her as well. The effects might this have on Adventure English may be that they might lose a lot more of the Chinese groups. I think that this company needs learn more on the Chinese culture and how to establish relationships before pressing on with anymore groups. In China, actual words simply don’t mean as much to them as they do to us. In China, verbal communications pale considerably in comparison to actions and feeling states derived from non-verbal meta-communications.

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