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I Wish I Had a Magic Pen

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I wish I had a magic pen A wish is something which u really want. A thing which u really needs to possess. A wish can be anything; it can be a thing, any eatable, a new person or anything. All most all da people in the world have their own wishes. And almost all of them want their wishes 2 come true. Different people wish 4 different things. Well everyone knows abt da very famous ‘SHAKA-LAKA BOOM-BOOM’ pencil. Being an eight std lad I 2 wish 4 a thing in da same category.

“I WISH I HAD A MAGIC PEN!!!! ” . A pen in which whatever I write, draw, wish would come true.

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I Wish I Had a Magic Pen
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Aaaaah…. Such a beautiful thing 2 imagine there would be nothing in this world which I don’t posses. . If I ever had a magic pen, I would firstly order it to finish all my projects by itself. With its beautiful intelligence and handwriting it will finish all my projects and I would get all the appreciations 4 myself.

I would request to write beautiful poems and sonnets, which are even more better and meaningful than those of Shakespeare’s, H. W. Longfellow’s, and Rabindranath Tagore’s. I would be known all around the world for my beautiful poems, infact my pens poems.

Isn’t that wonderful???? Having a magical pen and not using it advantageously is a foolish thing to do. I would draw many chocolates, pizzas, burgers and ask them to come to limelight. Eating chocolates free of cost would make my mother happy. Imagine my excitement! I would eat chocolates all the time. Oh! Being a 15 year lad will I not wish for playing things? I would wish for yonex racket, bats, balls etc. How can you forget the PSP’s of new models?? Before they come 2 da market, I would have them. This is an electronic era, I would have I pads, I pods, mp3, . cameras etc.

Infact I would have an apple showroom in my house. Well, that would really be a glamorous and a posh life. Hope all these wishes come true. Let me not be selfish with my wishes and my magical pen. I would draw beautiful sarees for my mother. No it would be better to ask Manish Malhothra to design the and draw the saree. I would gift sarees, jewelleries and many more things 2 my mother, father, brother or whoever is in need. I would make everyone happy. 2 be more generous I would help all the poor people by giving them money and food. I would help the physically challenged people to do their works.

I would at least give them the required things to live. Money would b produced without da knowledge of da govt and it would b used 2 help da poor, provide education 2 da poor and many things could b done which da govt is still not able 2 do. I would ask Einstein, Newton and all those students scientists who bug students life 2 rite wid ma pen so that whatever they rite would b installed in ma mind. Then surely I would b da topper of ma class. I would attain all da knowledge, and then other NASA scientists would come 2 me 2 ask their doubts , ma science teachers 2 would also cum 2 me.

Would I not be a famous and honored personality in da society???? What do u think abt a world tour free of cost?? That would b wonderful!!! Yes I would draw myself in front of da poster of all beautiful places like Taj-mahal or in any different country wherever I want and whenever I want. I would even build beautiful monuments wid ma pen and b recognized by da world. In future in textbooks instead of Akbars name ma name would b there. All these things could b done. I really wish I had a magic pen!!!!!

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